Interview with Streetwear Brand Stoned & Co

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The streetwear fashion is rising in Malaysia and the young generations are rocking the street style looks with their own creative twist to it. One of the well-known local streetwear brand that has made a name for itself is Stoned & Co. The brand provides a wide range of edgy, hip yet comfortable streetwear apparels for their customers to flaunt as their day-to-day ensemble. Want to know how they successfully penetrated the fashion market by popularizing streetwear styles? ZALORA had the golden opportunity to get some inside scoops from the brand with this exclusive interview down below.

1. Everyone has their own journey in the fashion industry. Please share with us a bit about your background and how you came about with Stoned & Co.

                                   Andrew Ngo Pik Yan, Founder / Managing Director

                                  Andrew Ngo Pik Yan, Founder / Managing Director

I started off in 2012 with Eighteen Inspiration, a fashion brand which I came up with and did all the marketing, sales, production, and customer relations alone. It was something that I always dreamt about and wanted to do for a very long time. Because it was a solo venture into the industry, I learnt so much about different aspects of an online business and how to run one. In 2014, I decided that it was time to start up something else with all the knowledge I had so there goes Idotshirt followed by Stoned & Co. in 2014.


2. What is your favourite part of starting your own fashion brand?


I always like the idea of how fashion can be part of a lifestyle and that is what I am trying to bring to the table. I like to see how our customers are starting to understand more about the culture or rather, ideas portrayed by the brand and incorporate it into their everyday life. I see the apparels in both brands as part of someone's life and the reason they wear it is because it resonates to their style, hobbies, and the things they love every day. Aside from that, my favourite part of starting Stoned & Co. is that the brand itself is a storyteller that relays stories and information to the community that supports Stoned & Co.


3. Did you face challenges at the beginning and how did you overcome them?

Challenges are part of any journey we take whether in life or business. Most of the time when I'm faced with obstacles, aside from finding solutions and solving it, I always tell myself that I am able to go through the hard times.


4. Where do you get your designs produced?


Stoned & Co. products are produced in Malaysia.


5. What inspired you in designing for the Stoned & Co collection every season?


I think nature and society somehow inspires a lot of the designs and styles of the collections. Take the Descendant collection for example, as we started off with the basic element of the Japanese Maple Leaf for its various symbolic meaning, we decided to show growth from a single leaf to a branch filled with Japanese maple leaves of autumn hue. Not only does the striking orange tone of the Japanese maple leaves design stands out from the collection, the meaning and story of how these maple leaves symbolize the coming generations who will, as the Descendants, will have to be responsible of creating a harmonious living on Earth. So it comes back to the core where we are truly inspired by everything that is happening to us in our everyday life and also the society that we live in.


6. Describe the Stoned & Co in three simple words.


Culture. Versatile. Quality.


7. What would you say is your personal favourite piece from Stoned & Co?

My all-time personal favourite has got to be the Stoned Genetic Tshirt. It's simple and most importantly, matches anything under the sun whether you are layering for the winter look, matching it with denim, or even any style you want to be in. Gotta love the versatility there.


8. What made you decide to widen your horizon by introducing your brand in



We've always liked the idea of gathering streetwear brands together and with ZALORA coming up with Where Is Your Street? We thought it would be great to join in the fun!


9. What can we expect from Stoned & Co in the future?


Looking forward, it's going international.


10. What advice would you give for individuals who are looking to start up their own streetwear fashion brand?


Success doesn't happen overnight so be patient, work hard, dream big, and you will achieve it!


Stoned & Co collections are now live on ZALORA. SHOP STONED & CO NOW>

5 Key Tips for First-Time Solo Travellers



Travelling solo may sound daunting, but it can also be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever gain.

Sure, it’s fun to travel with company, but there are also many reasons to fly solo: not only do you get to travel according to your own schedule and preference, you also get some valuable alone time and learn to venture into uncharted territory on your own.

Whatever your reason to travel solo, there are certain things to bear in mind and homework to do in order to have a smooth, glitch-free holiday as much as possible. Here’s what you absolutely need to know:

Research and Book in Advance


Everything from weather to local customs and dress codes, make sure you research before you go so that you know what to expect before setting off. You’ll make far better choices and get the most out of your trip.

If it’s your first time travelling solo, the most crucial thing to bring with you is common sense. Book your accommodations in advance so you don’t have to deal with finding a hotel at the last minute (and forking out more than necessary). It’s also best to have a backup plan in case of last-minute glitches.

And don’t forget to buy travel insurance!


Make a List of Emergency Contacts

It’s crucial to keep a handy list of your emergency contact information. The list should include your personal contact information and that of an emergency contact back home, your hotel address and number, the toll-free number for your credit card company (just in case your card gets stolen or you have to activate travel protection benefits if your plans are interrupted), and any other pertinent information.


Pack Only What You Need


Most likely, you will stuff your luggage with things that you end up not wearing or even taking out of your luggage at all. It’s good to be prepared when travelling solo, but over-packing just means you have more things to worry about and a heavier luggage.

Avoid over-packing by:

  • Making a streamlined checklist of the essentials.
  • Packing just a few separates that you can mix and match.
  • Packing only two to three trusty pairs of walking shoes.


Be culturally informed


Particularly for female solo travellers, it’s important to be aware of cultural and safety concerns. Learn what the local women typically wear and do, and tweak your wardrobe and behaviour so that you are within culturally acceptable parameters. In general, it’s always best to dress modestly and avoid flouting local customs like an ugly tourist.


Safeguard Valuables and Travel Documents

Wherever your destination, never let your guard down against pickpockets and thieves. With your expensive jewellery, branded clothing, and electronic gadgets, you make a susceptible target.


Minimise your risk by leaving your valuables at home. Make copies of your passport, travel documents, travel insurance, etc, and leave an extra copy of your passport with a family member or friend. Carry a copy of your passport and some spare cash around in a well-concealed spot like a money belt, and keep your actual passport in the hotel safe, if possible.

Travelling solo can seem stressful because you’re essentially doing everything on your own, but that’s part of the process and you’ll emerge a savvier, more independent traveller from the trip. Safe travels!


Are you a frequent solo traveller or a newbie? What are some of your concerns and travel tips? Share them in the Comments section below!

Curves & Confidence: How to Nail Plus-Size Dressing

Your days of boring, “safe” OOTDs are over. Work your killer sense of style with these plus-size guidelines.



If there’s one trend we’re loving in fashion right now, it’s the focus on diversity. The celebration of different types of beauty — be it by skin colour or body type — is a vital step in making fashion more inclusive and accessible. So we’re all for the rise of plus-size fashion and curvy spokespersons like Ashley Graham and Demi Lovato.

If you think that you have to skip certain trends or abide by particular style guidelines just because you’re over Size 14, it’s high time to revise that notion. Instead of avoiding certain clothes, here are some ways to look good in anything you wear, size be damned.


Ditch the Black, Embrace the White


Sure, the LBD is a classic wardrobe staple. But that doesn’t mean you should live in black. White is a fresher alternative, and can look flattering and chic too.

The key is in the fit, not the colour. Just like how black won’t make you look smaller if your clothes don’t fit properly, white won’t make you look larger if you find the right pieces. Particularly for jeans and ruched dresses, go for more structured materials — not only will they provide more support, their extra thickness will help you avoid any instances of VPL.


In Fact, Have Fun With Prints and Colour


When it comes to colour, all you have to do is make sure it complements your skin tone. You don’t even have to shy away from a stunning red number as long as it sits comfortably on you.

If you’re still uncertain about decking out in brights, start with small, vibrant details like a clutch, shoes, or jewellery before moving on to bigger pieces.

As for prints, they should be proportionate to the scale of your body — tiny prints can make you look bigger. For a more forgiving and flattering option, try watercolour prints.


Play Up Your Monochrome


Yes, monochrome can indeed streamline your figure by creating one long, lean, line. But throwing on mismatched pieces in the same shade can make you look sloppy.

Instead, experiment with different fabrics. Pair a textured item such as tweed with something flowy like chiffon rather than wearing the same boring fabric from head to toe. Nudes should also not be the exact same colour as your skin or you’ll look like you’re wearing a skin suit.


Repeat After Us: Stripes Are NOT the Enemy

Don’t simply draw the line at stripes. While thick horizontal stripes don’t do anybody any favours, there are other types of stripes that create flattering optical illusions.

Go for thinner stripes rather than thick ones, and lighter-coloured striped against a dark background always work better than the other way round.


Don’t Hide in Baggy Clothes


Trying to hide your figure in too much fabric is counter-productive and unflattering! Instead, flaunt your shape in clothing that skims your curves, not cling to them. Thanks to new technology, fabrics now have the right amount of stretch that looks sexy without make you feel uncomfortable.

If you do wear baggier clothing, team them with something fitted. For instance, a flowy trapeze top should go with slim-cut cropped pants. Volume should be on either the top or bottom, not all over. Head-to-toe volume isn’t flattering on anyone.


Incorporate Details into Your Outfit


The myth that busy details like ruffles will draw unwanted focus to “problem areas” needs to be set right.

Of course wearing a huge floral pattern on your least favourite feature is a terrible idea. What you can do instead is to make those details work for you! When properly placed, for instance, ruching helps to create some shape without adding volume. Tapered seams on the sides of shirts and jackets help give you more of a waist. Strategically placed vertical ruffles on one side of a dress or skirt elongates your figure. Ruffles are also a pretty embellishment on hems, sleeves and shirt cuffs.


Don’t Just Stick to the Basics


If it’s something you want to wear, by all means go for it. The key trick is to make the trend work for your shape. Crop top? Pair it with a high-waist pencil skirt. Colour-blocking? Try multi-toned pieces with vertical panels for a figure-friendly effect.

So many women go, “Oh, I could never wear that.” But how would you know if you haven’t tried? Don’t dismiss something that could potentially become your next wardrobe staple.


What are some of your tips to dress for your shape? What are some concerns you have? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below!

Top Five Fashion Best Sellers for Men This Season

Milano m str F17 036.jpg

Coming into this year, there are new trends coming in and men are getting their fashion game up by donning these stylish pieces on a daily basis. If you have missed out what has been getting attention in the men’s fashion category this first quarter, worry no more as we are listing them down below. Check it out and add them into your fashion wish list if you haven’t own them yet.

1.    Slim fit jeans

New York m str F17 261.jpg

Men can never say no to a nice pair of slim fit jeans as it is a go-to fashion piece that can be worn to a casual day out, parties and even while running errands. It gives men that confidence yet effortless stylish look when matched with a t-shirt. This will be one of the men’s favourite pick for years to come and not going anywhere anytime soon.


2.    Nike RN Free Distance sport shoes

London m str F17 128.jpg

For the active individuals, men love the Nike RN free distance sport shoes. It is designed to give the best comfortable feet support and light weight feel for a walk around town or a quick jog. Not only that, the designs is very trendy and brings out that youthful side of a person.


3.    Faux leather high top sneakers

Milano m str F17 238.jpg

Another one of the favourite footwear men are eyeing these past few months are the edgy faux leather high top sneakers. It is perfect to be worn on a date, hanging out with friends or even to work. It combines that casual with stylish elements that makes it great to show off with confidence everywhere you go. Match it with anything you have on and be charming.


4.    Shadow cap

Paris m str S18 049.jpg

This first quarter it is seen that men are putting a shadow cap as their favourite accessory. Wearing the shadow cap helps transform their simple appearance into a more enhanced look.


5.    Exploded icon crew neck t-shirt

q1 men.jpg

Men are known to keep things simple and t-shirt is their main fashion piece that they style on a daily basis. The crew neck t-shirt seems to be one of the top best-selling pieces this early year.


So do you have these top five pieces in your closet yet? Which ones do you like? Share it in the comment section below.

Tips Cinta Jarak Jauh (Bahagian 2)

main image 2.jpeg

Sudah amalkan Tips Cinta Jarak Jauh Bahagian 1? Kalau sudah mari kita teruskan dengan tips seterusnya seperti di bawah :-

1)      Jangan Cemburu Buta

Perasaan cemburu yang berlebihan ini perlu dielakkan supaya pasangan anda tidak merasa rimas dengan sikap anda yang mengongkong dan tidak rasional. Rasa hormat, sabar dan percaya amat penting untuk memadamkan rasa cemburu buta ini. Buangkan perasaan terlalu takut kehilangannya dalam diri anda dan buat yang terbaik untuk hubungan kalian. Pasti pasangan anda akan menghargai usaha itu.


2)      Elakkan pergaduhan


Bergaduh dalam sesebuah perhubungan itu adalah normal tetapi elakkan pergaduhan yang berpanjangan. Janganlah menghilangkan diri atau mematikan telefon bimbit sewaktu bergaduh. Ini kerana, pergaduhan yang kecil tetapi berpanjangan akan membawa kepada salah faham dan perbalahan yang lebih besar. Elakkan juga meninggikan suara semasa bergaduh kerana ia seolah-olah mencabar pasangan anda.


3)      Atasi Rasa Bosan

Perasaan bosan apabila pasangan jauh dari mata akan timbul terutamanya apabila melihat pasangan lain beraksi romantik di hadapan anda. Perasaan ini akan membuatkan anda ingin mencari wanita/lelaki lain yang lebih hampir dan tidak merasa puas dengan usaha yang pasangan anda lakukan untuk mempertahankan hubungan kalian. Kedua-dua belah pihak perlu sama-sama atasi perkara ini dan buat sesuatu yang lain daripada yang biasa kalian lakukan.


4)      Jangan Dengar Kata-kata Negatif Dari Orang Lain

Apabila anda bercerita mengenai hubungan kalian kepada rakan-rakan, pasti ada kata atau pandangan negatif yang dilontarkan seperti “tak takut ke dia cari yang lain dekat sana?”. Jangan mudah terpengaruh dengan kata-kata negatif ini kerana hanya anda yang lebih tahu tentang si dia. Tidak adil sekiranya anda menghukum dia hanya berdasarkan andaian negatif tanpa bukti.


5)      Jangan Ego


Elakkan perasaan ego terutamanya untuk meminta maaf sekiranya anda yang melakukan kesalahan. Jangan ego untuk contact pasangan terlebih dahulu atau pujuk si dia sekiranya dia terasa hati. Tidak salah merendahkan ego untuk mengekalkan hubungan kalian. It’s worth it.


6)      Utamakan Pasangan


Amalkan sikap mendahulukan si dia berbanding orang lain dalam membuat keputusan. Rujuk dan berbincanglah dengan pasangan anda sebelum melakukan sesuatu. Tidak salah sekiranya sekali-skala menceritakan perkara-perkara kecil yang berlaku dalam kehidupan seharian anda kepada pasangan. Ini menandakan si dia adalah orang yang paling rapat dan penting pada anda.


7)      Sentiasa Ada

sentiasa ada.jpeg

Sebagai pasangan, sudah semestinya anda perlu ada sewaktu dia senang ataupun susah. Jangan merungut bila tiba waktu dia susah dan hulurkan bantuan tanpa mengungkit. Sentiasa bersyukur dan berterima kasih dengan kesenangan yang si dia berikan.


Apakah lagi tips yang anda ingin kongsi? Kongsikannya di ruangan komen di bawah.