10 Iconic Sneakers You Should Own

Sneakers will always be the ultimate classic trendy footwear don by men and women. We have been wearing sneakers since we were little boys and girls. The designs of sneakers have been evolving throughout the years with plenty of exciting patterns to choose from. If you fail to get into the line of getting the Yeezi or NMD, you can always grab some of these fascinating sneaker designs on the market. These are some of the iconic sneakers that you should own and you don’t have to fight your way into the queue to get them.

1. Nike Huarache

For the individuals who want that trendy pair of sneakers, Nike Haruache shoe collection will be the perfect choice. Choose from the wide range of colours available and strut down the streets looking amazing.

2. Adidas Stan Smith

If you are someone who prefers simplicity yet still wants to show off an edgy appearance, Adidas Stan Smith sneakers will definitely spice up your style. With a little hint of colours, your clean white Adidas Stan Smith sneakers helps bring your appearance to a whole new level.

3. Vans Old Skool

Everyone knows the VANS brand for its checkered patterned shoes. However, if you are someone who love the classic monochrome look, VANS Old Skool collection has that effect which makes it versatile to be worn with anything you have on.

4. Puma Blaze

Are you someone who wants to be the center of attention? Well, Puma Blaze sneakers might just do the trick. Wear a pair and walk out with confidence. People will definitely be drawn to your trendy looking sneakers. Dress simple and let the sneakers do their work.

5. Reebok Instapump

Do you want that stylish chic touch to your look without putting much thought into it? Reebok Instapump absolutely gives you the boost of character anywhere you go.

6. Nike Air Max

For the individuals who want to get that sporty effortless look can don the popular Nike Air Max sneakers. Not only is it stylish but is very comfortable to be worn from day to night.

7. Puma Suede

Puma Suede sneakers are perfect for the individuals who love a classy touch to their wardrobe. The soft material of the sneakers brings that sleek touch without you realizing it.

8. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

This has been an all-time favourite sneaker for both men and women. The simple yet trendy design of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers will always be the perfect shoe to match with anything you have on. Minimalism is the way to go.

9. Adidas Superstar

The striping design of the sneakers make it has that edgy touch which gives off a sporty look to your outfit.

10. Nike Flyknit

Individuals who prefer sneakers which are light weight, Nike Flyknit collection will definitely make you fall in love. Pick your favourite design and show it in front of everyone.

What pairs do you own in your shoe closet at home? Want to add more? Leave us a comment below.

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