10 Mother and Daughter Date Ideas

It cannot be denied that as we grow older, we spend less time from our family as we have to juggle various responsibilities. However, since Mother’s Day is just around the corner, why don’t you take some time off from all the errands or tasks and spend some quality mother –daughter time. Strengthen back your bond and go out for a mother daughter date this Mother’s Day. Let’s check out some fantastic ideas for both of you to spend time together.

1. Hair Make Over

Hair is a girl’s crown and getting a hair make over is the way to go. Spruce up your look with a change of style and feel fresh afterwards. You both can give beauty suggestions of the hairstyle and take a leap of faith.

2. Matching Mani Pedi

Who doesn’t love getting their nails done? Get all cutesy by having a matching mani pedi. Both of you will definitely love getting beautified and you can also squeeze in some girl chat while getting your nails done. Go by your favourite nail salon for a day of primping and quality girl time.

3. Spa Day Out

Any women at any age love to get pampered. A spa day out is absolutely the best way for a mother and daughter to unwind. Relax and forget your worries away during your spa treatment.

4. Shopping

Shopping as a mother and daughter is definitely a way to bond as well as release stress. Go out and drive to the mall to shop the fantastic deals available. This way you can give scoops on each other’s wardrobe choice while still having fun.

5. Cooking Class

Spending time together in the kitchen is also great for bonding as your mother will teach you the secrets. Cook at home or attend a cooking class to learn new recipes.

6. Yoga

Who says you cannot fit in some exercise down time together? Be simple by going to a yoga lesson and find inner peace together.

7. Brunch

This Mother’s day take your mother-daughter date by having brunch together. Instead of eating, it allows you to have conversations and probably some gossip in. It is a great opportunity to open up on what’s currently happening in your life.

8. Photoshoot

Everybody knows that this is the era of selfies but why not capture the mother daughter moment by celebrating the day with a nice photoshoot. Incorporate props or customers and do adorable shots together. Have fun and get some candid photos in as well so you can always remember the experience.

9. Short Getaway

Take advantage of the day and have a short getaway together. Whether you are going to a nearby town or attraction, get away from your normal scenery and breathe some fresh air.

10. Pottery Class

This is the classic activity you could do as a mother and daughter. It allows you to have fun and be messy together. Be creative and bring your finished product home to remember the day.

Do you have any other amazing mother daughter date ideas? Feel free to share them with us in the comment section below. In fact we are running a Mother’s Day contest where you might just be one of the 3 lucky winners to walk away with voucher worth RM1000 from Bfab & ZALORA! (T&C applies)

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