10 Quick-Fire Questions with Fit for Fashion Winner Jackie Zapata

Competed with 14 other contestants, Jackie Zapata emerged as the winner the second season of Fit for Fashion. The New York bank has proved that by having the right positive mind set and perseverance can bring you to success. Although there are days when we have that random cravings and lazy to squeeze some workout time or probably some cheat days, Jackie reveals that you need a great discipline and know how to treat yourself the right way. Here Jackie answers us with 10 quick questions on how to find the strength to keep fit, self-control as well as still remember to be happy in life. Read down below and be motivated!

1. Describe your style in one word. What would it be?

I am versatile. Before this I was always wearing all back, being in New York and all. However, I will wear everything now and take risks. Whatever my style is over time, mainly it relates more of an emotion. Be confident and you will definitely pull it off. Before I didn’t have the confidence to style anything I like but soon I realize it is how you can carry it with style.

2. What’s your favourite item of clothing?

(Smiles) Oh wow, I do not where to start but I should say there are two items. During the summer, it will be maxi dresses and jackets or blazers. That is how true I am and would wear them often everywhere I go.

3. If you are not working out, what would you love to wear?

Leggings! You can dress them up or down easily.

4. What is inside your gym bag? (or what wild card thing we would find inside it)

A wild card item you will find? I guess that would be my chapstick and heart rate monitor. Oh water too because you need to be stay hydrated all day.

5. The top three songs on your workout playlist?

This entire year has been a fight so Fight Song by Rachel Platten is on repeat. Hardwell by the Code and The Buzz remix is on every physical challenge.

6. You go-to fitness app is?

The CustomFit app! It has been my life for about nine months and I know it like the back of my hand.

7. What is your favourite workout apparel brand?

Nike Pro but before this I am a huge of the Under Armour compression gear. I started loving Nike Pro since I started the show. Also I am begging to love Lorna Jane and Lululemon. Maybe some of you are going to hate me because I though Lululemon is so yoga but when I tried their leggings, sports braand pair them up with other things I feel confident in how look I good.

8. What do you do when you are not motivated to get up to work out?

I listen to my body as if I feel that I really need to take a break, I will and relax. However when I know I am lazy, I will get myself psych in three ways. First, I will get in the sun but if I am indoors I will pull the shade up as the natural light is an energy booster. Next, I will put on the best fast beat music that will change my mood up. Also, because I am a visual person, I need some ‘fitspiration’ so I have things on my fridge or coffee table such as fitness magazines or ads from Lululemon. I have to admit that my phone wallpaper is the cover of me when it just went out so I will always know that it has been something you have been working on.

9. The workout move you will never get tired of doing is?

I don’t why but burpees. In my opinion, it is the workout move that works everything in our body and I like to exercise and feel like I’m dying to know that it is actually working.

10. What is the best workout advice you ever got?

Do not be afraid of doing weights and strength training. Because most girls are afraid of looking bulk and only pick up weights of 2 kilo max. I learned that weights and strength training changes your composition and does not make you appear muscular but gives you that hourglass figure.

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