10 Wardrobe Essentials For Men For 2016

Prep yourself for the new year ahead and refresh your wardrobe before 2016 knocks on your door. If you own the right pieces, dressing well is easy — ditch the old and make way for the new trends as you embrace the key essentials that will see you through the year and beyond. Enter our top 10 timeless, investment-worthy pieces that every man should have in his closet to ensure you never go out of style.

1. Slim Indigo Jeans
Not only will this piece last well beyond 2016, it will look better with age too. A slim leg in a dark shade is the most versatile.

2. A White Buttoned-down Shirt
It doesn’t get any more classic than a white shirt. Besides instantly smartening up any outfit, it pretty much goes with any pants to suit all occasions.

3. A Denim Shirt
Whether you want to layer it on or have it as a standalone piece, the denim shirt is an easy way to up your styling game be it a casual or smart outfit.

4. Cardigan
An easy option to throw over a tee or shirt when you want to look a little more cosy and comfy without getting too hot.

5. A Navy Blue Crew Neck Jumper
A cotton crew neck in an adaptable shade of navy will work as the perfect layering piece in Fall and statement piece in Summer.

6. Slim Navy Chinos
A great alternative for times when you want to lose the jeans or a full-on suit. Also, the shade is neutral enough to be worn over and over again.

7. Brown Suede Chelsea Boots
Understated and easy to wear, the Chelsea Boot is a year-round essential that looks good with a suit or pair of jeans. Yay to no more laces!

8. Simple Sneakers
Bid farewell to 2015’s in-your-face neons and patterns and welcome the minimalist stylings of 2016. Pick a white or black pair for ease.

9. A Grey Tee
Grey is the colour of the year and it’s not just about wearing a single piece. Layer different shades of grey for the ultimate textural effect.

10. The Zip Up
The ’70s essential that can be worn under a blazer, as a light top layer, or tied around the waist. Keep to one main shade for biggest impact.