Contributing Writer, Alya Zul


Alya Najihah Zulkufli also known as Alya Zul was born and raised in Selangor. Graduated in Biomedical Electronic Engineering course in UniMAP. She is simple and easygoing person. She loves writing poems and enjoyed reading novels and motivational books. She is also a food lover that cannot say NO to food.

As the owner of  ‘A Long Journey’ blog, she believes that when writing the story of our life we can’t let anyone else hold the pen. As writing is her catalyst, she started blogging at the age of 16. Blog is where she found it useful to express her feel, opinions and views. Sometimes when she was going through tough times, writing will boost her mood back.

Her life motto ‘there is no success without hardship’ is what she hold onto to succeed. She would like to express and pour out her ideas and creativities into the articles. She also would love to share her knowledge about lifestyle, health and beauty tips and secrets with community. She hopes community can enjoy her writing.