Contributing Writer, Amer Ridzuan


Amer Ridzuan was born in 1998 and originated in Pahang but have lived most of his life in Kedah. Currently, he is studying in B.Sc. (Hons.) in Bioinformatics in Multimedia University, Melaka. He is a very outgoing and determined person. He believes that it won’t take a long time, one day he will make a name for himself.

His blog was named as AMERZING, the place where he pours all his thoughts on many things to give his readers inspiration, hope, and strength that they deserve, whilst being himself. This certainly makes him an approachable figure in the blogosphere even though he was just starting out in early November 2016.


If he’s not sharing something on his blog, you can find him being a dedicated student in Melaka, spending quality time with friends and trying new stuff. You can check out more on his Instagram: @ameridzuan .

In his belief, there is nothing impossible for him to try. Thus, he stands firm on his own, ready to face the obstacles and grab chances.