Contributing Writer, Faizah Azmi


Started writing when she felt she was the only one of Aliff Aziz's fans who doesn't have a blog and already hitting 10 years due to her passion for writing. Love to share her daily life stories, yummy food and sometimes she shares about her favourite things in life as well. Writing in a relaxed, unconditional state and last minute is her favourite, same goes to getting a sudden inspiration is also her favourite.


She describes herself as an ordinary girl who finds strength after a fall. Her easy-going sense of humour and approachability draws people into her world. Somewhat shy but she will not stop talking when she familiar with you, like popping popcorn on the pan! HAHAHA

It's quick to respond to emails or social media accounts, so do not be shy to follow her even if the account already set as "private"

Find her with her "merepek" style on