Contributing Writer, Farrah Aida Fahmy


Farrah is a coffee-lover who thinks that her blood type is coffee, adores everything that is coffee related, enjoys paper-crafting (especially card-making and scrapbook) and consistently find an excuse to pamper her taste buds indulging scrumptious delicacies.

Writing and reading are among her favourite pastimes. Losing herself in good books and observing the world around her always inspired her to write. She started blogging somewhere in 2008/2009, intrigued by the idea of via blogging, that we get to share loads of interesting stuff with others.


From FAMF Tower is basically about what she cherishes. She write entries on crafts (the cards that she makes, tutorials and DIY), guitar chords of songs that she plays when she feels like enjoying a tune or two and simple recipes that she treasures. Kindly drop by at my tower or Instagram @faidamf and say hi.