Contributing Writer, Iqaa Lee


Iqaa Lee is a name given that has got nothing related to Chinese blood, but a mixture of Javanese. A Libra girl born in Kuala Lumpur who loves makeup, fashion & enjoys to EAT! A very ambitious petite girl that sometimes can be very determined. Besides being a writer, she is also a full time Engineering student in Networking System, a part time young entrepreneur and also a YouTuber who always shares her easy peasy makeup tutorial with her subscribers. "The best of the both worlds" from Hannah Montana has inspired her to be the girl who is brave enough to face challenges and work in different types of field at the same time. She can be an Engineer in the morning & a writer at night. Also, on her leisure time, she will start filming a makeup tutorial & doing marketing work for her small business. Sounds hard, but, hey, that's Iqaa Lee and she has been doing this for almost 2 years now since the end of 2016 (and more to come). At first it was hard, but she trusts in passion & hard work. At the end, it is all about the passion that you are into. Even though she knows that she can do everything on her own, but she still has her own priorities and need to focus only on one thing at a time.


Becoming a writer gives her space where she can express herself & passion to other people. Used to dream to be an Editor/Content Creator in a big fashion company at a young age. Can be both introverts & extroverts in a good way, bold and sometimes can be a little bit bossy (HAHAH this is part of being the eldest in the family). She loves to spread positive vibes & don’t believe in the term of “giving up”. The few things that she learnt from her dad were, never give up, always believe in God’ss will & ignore what other people are going to say about you because at the end, it’s all on our own self.

She always shares videos and pictures related to beauty, fashion and lifestyle on her Instagram (@iqaalee_) and she is also known as a Micro-blogger whereby she always does reviews for brands from local to international countries. Most of the review will be shared on her YouTube channel (Iqaa Lee) and her blog (

Feel free to get in touch with her by dropping by an email at (

p/s: Fun facts about Iqaa Lee, she loves K-pop songs & watched all Marvel movies.