Contributing Writer, Maisarah Ibrahim


Maisarah Ibrahim, or fondly known as Sarah was born and bred from Selangor, now studying in a local university. She is a business student, a bibliophile since she was a kid, a Marvels superfan, a Potterhead, a movies geek, and definitely an ailurophile who loves cats very much. She thinks that movies are good, but books are always better.

She started blogging back during her high school years and tailored to document her personal life updates, beautygeeks thingy, some tips and tricks, and her 2 am thoughts. Blogging at the age of 13 was one of her hormonal teenage expressionism start-ups which eventually turned into a serious lucky space of enhancing her writing skills, making new friends with the same hobby, exploring the other world where she can be herself when she is not, and being a passionate writer.


Determined to be successful at her age, she want to make a living proof that successful has nothing to do with age. She tends to be different and being the “big sister” in her family has set this girl on the course to become the responsible, thoughtful, dutiful, and caring sister everyone counts on. Even though she has the most intense fight in her life, she would never give up.

Contributor Writer : Maisarah binti Ibrahim

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