Contributing Writer, Melissa Kartini


Melissa Kartini, a multiracial Sabahan who dreams of becoming a polyglot. This ambition stems from the desire to serve as a bridge between different cultures. It’s a huge dream, she knows, but here’s to it one day coming true! If you’re curious, she is currently learning Japanese, and wish to study Mandarin, Korean and Portuguese in the future. Needless to say, English is her main passion.

This interest in languages that she has is all thanks to being raised in a multiracial background. It is just intriguing for her to see how culture influences our daily lives, and how the language we speak is the perfect reflection of this. In the ideal world, she’d like to study languages in many different countries.


Aside from studying languages, she enjoys writing, shopping, travelling, hitting the gym and practicing Muay Thai. She also run a blog where she largely write about lifestyle.