Contributing Writer, Putri Mira


Her name is Myra (pronounced as Mai-ra) and was born in Selangor, November 1997. Besides writing, she also like to networking with people through online and offline. She started her lifestyle blog ( since 2010 but she never took it as a serious career until she graduated from Kolej Poly-Tech MARA Semporna Sabah in TESL. She found out that writing is a part of her, never looked back since.

Besides of lifestyle, she likes to support the blogger community and sometimes updating her own thoughts in her blog. She is an approachable figure and not afraid to bare it all with her readers. Determined to be a successful entrepreneur, she started her own food and beverage line named, Bananaise HQ. She is very passionate into it and tend to be different. She believed that being different is unique and expensive. She believe in that - being a woman, is worth everything.


Since she is a half-breed Malaysia – Indonesia, it explains why she can speaks in different languages very well. She also love to discover places, especially when it comes to food. She also love fashion and photography. That’s why she keep son updating her Instagram @myraaaaawr everyday. She likes to share with everyone about her daily life so she can spread her positivity to the world. She also believe with her life motto “Be A Girl with A Mind, Be A Woman with Attitude and Be A Lady with a Class.”

As for her, it is normal when someone said “I can't do it” but bare in mind that is just a word. When you said you can't do it, it is actually you can do it, you just misspelled it. As she likes networking with the society, feel free to connect with her for event posting or media invitation to