Contributing Writer, Sarah Nuraisyah


Sarah Nuraisyah or known as SarahIsyah was born and raised in Penang since 1998. She is a huge Korean pop fans, Beauty enthusiast and a food lover. Currently she is studying in one of local University. Majoring in Accounting is hard for her so she writes as a hobby and a way to express herself.

She started blogging on 2011 when she was a junior in high school. Her blog is an informal site just to share stories and looking for friends. Her biggest dream is to inspire people. She believe through writing she can inspire people. As a beauty enthusiast, she shares her passion on youtube platform. Although she is only a small blogger and a youtuber, she will never give up to inspire others. If you want to support her you can click on her channel.


If you interested to keep up with her daily life, feel free to check out her Instagram@sarahisyah_. If you have any business enquiries you can email her at