Contributing Writer, Sofie Adie


Her name is Sofie Adie. Since people always remember the person behind this name as a guy, funny thing is Sofie also can be a female name. Born in Miri, Sarawak and lives in West Malaysia for almost 14 years, this Geomatics student graduated from one of the public universities in Perlis and currently still learning to adapt the theories into real life.


On 14 April, 2014 she officially launched with the desire to create a personality with the ability to inspire people through writing. Half of her life experiences were nicely shared in the blog. The only one principle she believes in is  that starting to write in our heart’s that every day is the best day ever.

In order to be great at writing is to consistently read. Besides reading, she also spends a lot of time doing movies marathons, watching TV series and eating. Might include travelling in a future post.