Contributing Writer, Syadiya Khairul


Name given by a lovely father which is Syadiya Safiah Khairul Anuar or known as Syadiya Khairul. Some people think her name is weird but little did they know, she really loves the name. A 19 years old girl who currently lives at Perak and still studying at UiTM Tapah in Diploma in Accountancy. Syadiya grew up happily with her beautiful family who makes education as a priority because her parents are teachers. Back when she was in school, Mathematics is her favourite subject as her father is Mathematics teacher  and since that she always love numbers. All of her siblings name started with Sya and she really think it’s cool.


She started her blog when she was 12 by learning it with her friends and she still blogging until now because she thinks that through writing you can express anything that you may not express in actual life. Her friends know her as a talkative person and to be someone serious is totally not her. Sometimes extrovert and sometimes introvert depending on what situation she is in. She enjoys reading fixi novels on semester breaks and dreams to have a full rack of it.

She is motivated with the quote the world is the place to be tired and keep striving as we can rest well at hereafter .