THREAD Content Writer, Dini Azri


One thing that you should know about Dini Azri is that he absolutely loves writing. He loves it so much that he abandoned his studies in Civil Engineering to pursue his dreams of being a successful writer. Graduating his Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism back in 2018, Dini immediately set his goal to write for a huge name which eventually led him to being a full-time Content Writer for ZALORA. Born in Pulau Pinang, he learned to adapt himself in any given situation as he is the only child of a Malaysian father and an Indonesian mother.


While some might say being the only child means being spoiled, he proved them wrong when he dived into many other fields in the entertainment industry, mainly being the drummer of a local pop punk band. What started out as a hobby, drums have become a part of his life since the day he held a pair of drumsticks at the age of 14. Since then, he has been touring nationwide with his band, Night Skies & Visions, playing out his passion for music. But that doesn’t stop him from writing as he owns a blog dedicated to reviewing movies, which he is a major fan of. He can literally talk movies with you for hours and he still would have something to say.


As Dini finds his way through life in his late 20s, he is comfortable being where he is at now but continues to seek new experiences every chance he gets. Get in touch with him at to know more about this Malaysian-Indonesian hybrid.