Contributing Writer, Zayana Yusof


"Ola amigos!

This is Zayana Yusof, the voice behind Motherhood Unplugged. She’s based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, a mother of three; two of her own, who loves penning down her motherhood musings. She started blogging in 2008, during her foundation years before she left for New Zealand. If you wish to read more about motherhood, hop on to her blog and together you will walk through the journey of becoming a better person.

Graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Accounting from New Zealand in 2012 and came home for good since then. She joined the industry for about a year before deciding to take a leap of faith in her career and pursued her studies in Masters and is now a full time PhD student. In other words, she is a doctoral researcher whose heart also lies in writing for THREAD.

She focuses on women empowerment especially from the perspective of us mothers who juggle between personal life and career. Each time she lays her fingers on the keyboard, she’d remind myself to utter her words directly from her heart straight to her readers’ hearts. To make this happen, she emphasises on the daily struggles that we go through especially the ones that happen outside of the perfect family portrait. You know, the puking, the staying up all night, the school, exams and homework, and the walls between you and your teenager son/daughter.


There are also ups and beautiful moments in being a mother, but guess we have heard it enough from social media and influencers. She chose the path less taken because she wants to help mothers and expectant mothers to know that they are not alone in this lifelong journey should they feel that motherhood begins to take its toll on their lives. She would want them to get a heads up of what’s coming to them once they pop their baby. Because life isn’t a bed of roses and the same goes for motherhood.

Why motherhood and not parenting?

Because we will be a better parent, and we will perform well in parenting if we get the hang of being a mother. That’s what she holds on to. She looks into the daily struggles of motherhood and composes her words to help others, and herself, to feel better about ourselves. With contentment and happiness from being a mother, it would at least help in the way you handle your kids. Because how do you parent if you’re not happy with being one?

And oh, she also likes to share her new journey as an author! In April 2017, with no experience of authoring, her first book was published. It’s an anecdote of a differently-abled businessman, ‘Khairul Nizam.. 3 Jari Daripada Tuhan’. This anecdote was brought to the stage in November 2017 by the students and lecturers of Akademi Seni Budaya dan Warisan Kerajaan (ASWARA) by the name of ‘3 Jari Daripada Tuhan’. And in November 2018, this anecdote was also selected by the National Library of Malaysia (Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia) to be distributed to all rural libraries throughout the country. A good 508 copies to be exact!

Life isn’t always easy but somehow we’ll make it through. Zayana holds dear to a quote by Sharon Jaynes, “Successful mothers are not the ones that have never struggled. They are the ones that never give up, despite the struggles”