4 Style Tricks Short Celebs Use to Look Taller

While we are all in embracing each other’s body-no matter what size we are, it can be understood that occasionally short ladies want to appear taller at times. And there is nothing wrong with that. Even top celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Vanessa Hudgens, Scarlett Johansson and Anna Kendrick pull out these simple style tricks to enhance their appearance. Apart from the short people problems you have, you can always count on fashion to appear a little bit taller in the eyes of others. Check out these four style tricks down below.

1.     Vertical Stripes

New York str S17 509.jpg
New York str S17 486.jpg

The vertical stripes are definitely your best friend print if you are short. Why? The vertical lines give the illusion of you being taller. Go for vertical stripes tops, vertical stripes bottoms or both and feel confident.


2.     High Heels

New York str S17 438.jpg

Everyone knows that high heels always give us that boost of height and perfect to be worn to any occasion with style. Mix match it with your favourite dresses, jumpsuits or even jeans and walk out looking gorgeous yet taller from head-to-toe.


3.    V Neck Dresses

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New York str S17 1048.jpg

Draw attention towards the upper body and your face to divert people’s attention from your height. V neck dresses definitely is the best trick for short ladies to apply. The V neck design gives a long illusion making you appear lean and shows the perfect bit of your skin.


4.     High-Waisted Pants

New York str S17 103.jpg

Shorten the look of your upper body by wearing a nice pair of high-waisted pants. It helps elongate your legs especially if the hem of your pants hits the floor. This is one of the best fashion illusions that short women will be grateful for. Show off this look to work, dates, parties or even a day out with the girls with confidence.


Here are some favourite tips from our favourite stylist, Jeannie Mai.


What are your fashion tricks to look a lil bit taller? Share your tricks with us in the comment section below.