4 Useful Workout Tips to Apply Everyday


Working out is actually fun and enjoyable. Of course through workouts, you want to achieve good results. Be it to shed a few kilos so that you can look fabulous in your new dress or just to keep fit and have a great figure. Intending to burn all the calories as much as possible, you might be facing with several ‘hiccups’ such as cramping, muscle soreness or not able to burn sufficient amount of calories as targeted earlier. Well, here are some tips that are beneficial to be applied so that your workout session will be a better experience for you - with maximum result achieved minus the sore.

Tips #1 - Increase Your Metabolism


Workout and good metabolism is no stranger to each other. Once your metabolism is increased, you tend to burn more calories than you usually do. Thus, if you want this to happen, you should try to take a cup of strong black coffee before your workout session. Caffeine in the coffee will help to increase your metabolism. You will definitely burn fat and sweat more while you exercise.

Not a coffee person? Don’t worry. You can have green tea as it has the same effect to your metabolism.


Tips #2 - Avoid muscle sore and cramping

Have you ever feel like being hit by a truck the day or the morning after your workout session? Experiencing leg cramps too often?

Eat a banana before you start working out. Banana is high in potassium so it will aid in maintaining nerve and muscle function. Not a fan of banana? You can have an orange as it will help you to prevent muscle sore. Plus, the juice in the orange will keep you hydrated.


If you’re going for a run, try to coordinate your steps with your breathing pattern. Make sure you exhale each time your left foot hits the ground so that you can avoid cramping and side stitches (sharp, stabbing pain that you feel around your rib cage). Drink water from time to time if you’re putting extra hours for your session so that you have sufficient fluid in your body.

Tips # 3 Burn more calories


Sometimes your hectic schedule makes it impossible for you to have a proper workout session. Yes, lack of time to exercise but at the same time you desperately need to kill those bad calories. Worry no more. Try one of these:


  • Jumping rope
  • Tabata Training
  • Burpees

These three are among the workouts that could burn some serious calories in a short period of time. Jumping rope, though it looks like an easy effortless task, try to do it for more than a couple of minutes. It is taxing, exhausting and the good news is, one of the best calorie-burning workouts. You can burn approximately up to 150 calories for a 15 minutes jumping rope session.


Tabata on the other hand is a high-intensity exercises conducted in 8 rounds. Each round consists of doing 20 seconds of exercise at an all-out pace, followed by 10 seconds of interval. Depending on the activities, you can burn up to 400 - 450 calories for a 30 minutes session.

While burpees is a series of action that requires you to squat down, kick your feet out into a push-up position, doing a push-up, jump your feet back to your hands, then jump up into the air and finally reach your hands over your head. It’s a full-body workout! Just imagine how many calories you could burn by doing burpees for 15 minutes.


Tips #4 Relieve muscle soreness


At times, muscle soreness is inevitable especially when you are doing a new routine or extending your workout session. Here are some tips that could help you to recover:

  • Chocolate milk - This is a good recovery drink post workout as it has double the carbohydrate and protein content which is perfect for your tired muscles. However, make sure it is a low fat choice as we do not want your effort to be fruitless.
  • Watermelon juice - Helps you to recover faster and relieve post exercise muscle soreness.
  • Take a cold shower - This will reduce inflammation of the muscles.

Hope these tips will enable to help you in dealing with your pre and post workout sessions in the future. If you any other tips to add, please do not hesitate to share it here.