6 Ways to Make Your Makeup Last Longer

Checking your face in the mirror and your makeup seems to be off and smudged away. Isn’t it annoying that you have to do some touch-ups on your makeup when you are in hurry? Why model's professional makeup could last long even they are covered with sweats after shooting under the sunlight?  

Sometimes sweating a lot could be a reason why your makeup could not last long and stay put. Everything melts away together with your sweats leaving smudges on your face. Oily skin, touching your face constantly and using the wrong makeup also could make your makeup fade off. The most important reason why your makeup fails to stay perfectly throughout the day is because of the wrong way you prep your skin.

1. Skincare Routine


Exfoliate your skin before starting your makeup routine. Use scrub at least once a week to remove all the dead skin cells on your face. Your makeup will look smoother on your face after scrubbing. Don’t forget to apply some moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. This is to avoid fine lines and uneven look after long hours of wearing makeup.  Primer should be the next step to seal your moisturizer and your open pores. Not only for your face, have your eyes also needed some primer to keep the eye shadows last longer.


2. Foundations


Oil free and long-wear formula foundations are the right choice for you who works long hour. After applying foundation, concealer could be handy too especially to cover up blemishes and dark spots that may appear when your makeup melts away.


3. Blush


Powdery blush could not last long and will fade in no time. Go for liquid or cream blush. They are more highly pigmented and reliable to stick on your face for quite some time throughout the day. 


4. Setting powder


Set your makeup with setting powder to put every perfectly in place. Setting powder helps to remove oil on your face, leaving a matte looking, flawless finish. Apply it with a makeup brush so you can easily blend everything altogether well too.


5. Lips


Exfoliate your lips to prevent flaking. Lip map your lips using a lip liner before applying your lipstick. Use a single ply of tissue and place it on your lips before applying translucent setting powder on top of it. This could make your lipstick last longer. You can also apply Vaseline on your lipstick to make it stay.


6. Final steps, the makeup setting spray!


Makeup setting spray helps to prevent your makeup from melting down. So spray them all over your face and let it dry without touching it! You will definitely feel confident to go about your day. 


All of the ladies do understand your feelings when your makeup is off and need a midday touch-up. Hope this tips helps you to keep your makeup last longer than before. Mind to share your very own beauty hacks on keeping makeup in place? Leave some comments down there ❤