Beauty Regime At Its Simplest

You don’t need to be a beauty queen to know about the basics of beauty regime. When I say beauty, I don’t mean skin deep beauty. I mean, all natural beauty. That’s right. You don’t need a lot of make up to doll up that pretty face when you already have a healthy looking skin.

1. Facial Cleanser


It’s not a newsflash that water alone doesn’t cut it. Do not ignore the microscopic impurities that get stuck on and in your skin. For this reason, you need a solution that’s fit for the job. Apply a good cleanser morning and night, and your skin will feel good as it looks. For individuals with dry skin, you might want to avoid soapy cleanser and go for a gentle liquid one because the foam will further dry the skin and cause irritation. 


2. Toner


Many of us ignore the use of toner because OK, let’s be honest,  who really knows the function of toner anyway? While you might think you could get away and skip this step, why don’t try putting it on first and feel the difference on your skin. The aftermath of facial cleansing always comes with a tight sensation if not, slightly dried up skin. With the right toner, it could help restore moisture and help sooth the skin to be ready for the next application.


3. Moisturiser


This also comes in with a lot of options to choose from. It is the final lock up to everything. Usually at least as your night skin routine. Did you know while we sleep, the skin cells are busy renewing themselves and efficiently absorbing the active ingredients of your skin care products? That’s because they don’t have to compete with UV rays and those make up application that impede the process. Take note though, there is more water loss that affects the whole body including facial skin at night. That’s why a good moisturiser should be your loyal companion at night to keep your skin hydrated and rejuvenated in the morning! Moisturizers are also important to keep your skin moist and supple throughout the day in order to avoid the inevitable factors of drying skin such as hot steamy bath, air conditioner and climate change.


4. Sunscreen


If you’re a busy woman with only two hands to juggle so many things in the morning, you’ll need to simplify your life and have something that can multitask just like you.  Find something in between in a tinted foundation, a moisturizer and a sunscreen. Yes, such thing exist and it’s called, BB cream. Get the protection you need when you’re out and about in the day while having the perfect coverage and finishing. All you need now is just a dash of lippy and maybe blusher to conceal that fluster!

Alas, that’s all you need to be the kind of beauty queen who doesn’t possess only the skin deep beauty, but a Miss Universe who has it all, looks and the brain. Be smart with you choices. Start your routine today for a healthier and beautiful skin.

What is your beauty regime? Share it in the comment section below.