How to Look Stylish While Following the School Dress Code

Are you a full-time college student or simply continuing your studies while working? It can be difficult to flaunt your fashionista self-looking chic and still follow the dress code. If you have no idea on how to work your OOTD and not get in trouble, there are a few crucial fashion pieces that will be perfect to pull off stylishly. Check them out below.

1.     Blazer Flavour

London str S17 329.jpg

You can never go wrong with blazers as it lifts up your whole look with ease. Simply layer it over your t-shirt or shirt and you will definitely look professional. It is easiest to go for black blazers as it can be matched with just about anything you have on.  


2.     Green Military Bomber Jacket

New York str F17 128.jpg
New York str F17 312.jpg

For the ladies who prefer a rugged yet edgy look, the military green bomber jackets are the popular hit this year so why not blend it into your day-to-day style.  Mix match it with your casual clothes and rock it with confidence everywhere you go.


3.     White Sneakers

New York str F17 281.jpg

Back to school? No problem as the classic white sneakers look will never go out of style. Do not be afraid of getting it dirty and be confident matching it with your casual outfits. Go to class lookingly stylish yet still following the dress code rules.


4.     Classic Plaids

New York str F17 274b.jpg

Want to go for a more old school vintage look? You can always rock the plaid checkered clothing and show off that innocent nerd side of you to others. These days the designs are more modern and give you that modest appearance.


5.     Denim Jackets

New York str F17 277.jpg

Another way that will make you appear fashionable is by donning the blue denim jacket. It gives you that youthful vibe and comfortable feel from day to night. Not only that, you can easily match it with jeans, shorts, skirts or even dress. It is a versatile must-have piece that will always stay in style.


6.     Printed Tees

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Printed tees hardly break the dress code as long as it is paired properly with the right pieces. Layer a cardigan or jacket on top and style it with swag. Choose the printed tee designs that represent your personality and be the center of attention.

Check out Jeannie Mai's tips down below. 


So what is your best piece and how do you style your look to obey the dress code? Feel free to share it in the comment section below.