How to Wear Floral Dress without Looking like Your Grandma’s Curtain


Floral dress is a print that never goes out of style and always relevant to be worn on many occasions.  Every now and then floral print will be featured in runway.  Best thing about it you can wear in whatever season you like albeit floral dress is more synonym as spring and summer must-have.

With floral dress, wearing it can be tricky especially with the pattern, colour, design, material and cutting.  When there is too much going on you will look like your grandma’s curtain, not that they don’t look good anyway!

Here 5 are tips on how to wear floral dress to impress.

Limit the accessories


Rule of thumb in wearing floral dress is that less is more.  Allow the dress to be the one receiving spotlight while accessories act as add ons.  For ideas, think about a small chain with pendant, pearl bracelet, plain band for the ring, etc.  Alternatively, you can choose to ditch necklace and bracelet and opt for dropped earrings or studs instead. 

Wear a jacket over your dress


On a cold weather a jacket or a coat is a perfect choice to keep you warm.  You can also create an edgy look with floral dress.  Just wear a biker jacket over the dress.  After all who says floral has to be associated with looking feminine all the time?

Layer your floral dress


Wear a top or a pull up jumper over your dress during a cold season.  You can decide to colour block or choose a piece that colour compliment your dress. Nude or pastel is a safe choice to begin with.  Layering your floral dress is s also a way to tone down your overall outfit and makes it more ‘office friendly’ so you could wear it to work.

Heels, boots or stilettos for shoes?


The sky is the limit when it comes to pairing your dress with any shoes.  You can go crazy with sandals, platform heels, wedges or even sneakers.  It’s the colour that plays the secret key to make your outfit look well put. Choose shoes that are similar to the dominant colour of the dress.   Not sure which colour to choose? Black and white looks good too.

Wear it with Jeans or Leggings


For a short and mid-thigh floral dress you can wear it with either jeans or leggings underneath.  Jeans will bring out casual look suitable for outings or sightseeing around town.

If you are confused on what to wear your floral dress with, look for the texture of the dress.  If the material is thick go for leggings.  Experimenting with different kind of fabric will roughly give you an idea on how and what best to pair it with.  

Overall floral dress can be fun to style with and do not be scared in trying new styles as you might be surprised of how well you look. So don’t wait any longer as we challenge you to go out and wear a floral dress today.