The Importance of Having Your ‘Me’ Time

Day in, day out, we have to deal with a lot of stress. It can be stress at work, stress while going to work, and of course, stress that we have to face at home. One of a good ways of dealing with stress is having some valuable ‘Me’ time. This is the time where we can focus on ourselves as well as the things that we love. We spend a lot of time on going about our daily tasks, which are mainly routine to us and this leads to us being very stressful with it.

‘Me’ time can help us to recharge and be more productive as it gives us a break from our daily routines. Reboot your brain by taking time out for your own self and will also be able to give space for some self-discovery. It may not sound possible but at one point, we might feel that we have lost ourselves and struggling to hold on to what's left of our identity.  So, how do we get our precious ‘me’ time?


  1. Take a technological device sabbatical


Our lives can be very integrated with technology that sometimes it can get in the way. With a smartphone, our employers can reach us at any time and any place. Other days, the small family group chat has such a field day that everyone posts multiple times, making our phones vibrate non-stop. So, why not put away our devices once it a while, perhaps, a few hours every week.

2. Ditch the open door policy


For those who are working at the office and have rooms to themselves, ditch the open-door policy once in a while. It will help give a peace of mind. If you don’t, tell others you are busy so that they get the memo to not disturb you for unnecessary chit chat.

3. Have a date with yourself


Want to go shopping? Take a day off to do some proper shopping for new clothes instead of the rushed shopping we do at the end of the week. Enjoy a good steaming cup of hot coffee or tea with cake, complete with extra chocolate to indulge in. Rent a DVD and spend the night with a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows. These are some of the ways you can experience the good things in life and feel the happiness.

4. Turn sleep into me time


It is easy to get too immersed in work that we forget that we need good quality sleep. Although it may be hard to get that crucial eight hours of sleep, try going to bed 30 minutes earlier and wake up at the same time. There you go; another extra 30 minutes for our own self.

5. Change of scenery

Rather than going to the office pantry during lunch time, if possible, take your packed meal at the park for some fresh air. Spend some time looking around at people and the nature. Get lost in the noise for a bit. It is highly recommended to put our phones on silent mode.

Remember that it is not selfish to want to have some ‘me’ time once in awhile as it keep us sane. It is good for the people around us as well to feel our positive vibes. So how do you spend your alone time? Feel free to share it in the comment section below.