The Top 5 Favourite Fashion Picks For Men

As fashion trends change every season, here we are bringing you the latest favourite picks by men. From their edgy looking jeans to stylish footwear, men are definitely rocking these pieces in their own personal way. If you have no clue what fashion pieces that have been getting a huge attention from the gents, you can check them out below.

1.    Faux Matte Leather Sneakers

Milano m str S18 143.jpg

For the men who are looking to get that professional suede look while still maintaining a modern vibe, the faux matte leather sneakers are the perfect choice. This leather sneakers are seen to become one of the men’s favourite this quarter due to its sleek yet trendy designs. Pick out any coloured faux matte leather sneakers you adore and style it with your work clothes.


2.    Slim Fit Jeans

New York m str S17 210.jpg

Slim fit jeans are definitely a fashion piece that will stay in trend for a very long time. It is definitely a piece that any man will never live without. Simply mix match it with your casual t-shirts and look charmingly handsome anywhere you go. Whether you prefer black, white or blue slim fit jeans, it will never make you look less fashionable.


3.    Washed Skinny Jeans

New York m str S18 303.jpg

Apart from the slim fit jeans, men are also into the rugged look of the washed skinny jeans. The worn out design makes a man look edgy and masculine in their own cool way. The washed out skinny jeans are perfect for men to flaunt on their casual day outs.


4.    Cross Court Sneakers


New York m str S17 400.jpg

Men who are looking for the comfortable trendy shoes to wear on a day-to-day basis will definitely love the cross court sneakers. It has become a favourite among the men this quarter and definitely help turn your plain outfits towards a more fashionable appearance.


5.    Short Sleeve T-shirt

Pitti m str S17 290.jpg

The short sleeve t-shirt is one of the fashion pieces that men can never stay away from as it is their day-to-day go to top. You can find any design of short sleeve t-shirt from plain ones to printed graphic ones to fit your own fashion taste.


So which has become your favourite must-have? Feel free to share it in the comment section below.