The Top 5 Favourite Fashion Picks For Women

As we are nearing the end of the year soon, it is seen that the fashion trends are fast shifting to other pieces. If you had no time to squeeze in your hectic schedule to catch up on the trends, no worries as we are here to bring you the latest scoops! Get in the loop so you actually know what the top favourites are in the women’s fashion collection.

1.    High-low Hem Ripped Slim Jeans

New York str S17 1512.jpg

Come on, who can forget the comfortable yet slim looking jeans that can make you appear thinner than you actually are. The high low hem ripped slim jeans is one of the women’s top picks to match with their t-shirts, shirts or even blouses. It gives that ruggedness touch which is perfect for a casual day out or running errands.


2.    Contrast Panelled T-shirt Dress

New York str S17 1208.jpg

If you are looking for a different casual look rather than rocking your usual jeans, the contrast panelled t-shirt dress will be the great substitute. Not only that, it is also loose and comfortable to be laid back in.


3.    Pointed Toe Kitten Heels

London str S17 282.jpg

Kitten heels are becoming a hit due to its cuteness and they are perfect for all occasions. Pointed toe kitten heels can be worn to the office, partie or dinner without feeling like you may trip. Plus, it gives you that modest sexy appearance that you might be looking for.


4.    V-Neck Loose Tops

New York str S17 1067.jpg

Another comfortable piece women are rocking this end quarter are the lovely v-neck loose tops. It just brings that breeze and flowy vibe towards your whole look. Match it with skirts, jeans or pants and step out looking chic.


5.    Metallic Logo T-shirt

New York str S17 1146.jpg

Another top that is a favourite among the ladies is the metallic logo t-shirt. The metallic touch just gives the simple t-shirt a whole new modern look. Switch your plain t-shirts with this one and you will definitely feel the difference.


So which one has caught your interest? Share it in the comment section below.