The Top Picks from Men’s Fashion

As we have approached the middle of the year, we can see that there are some popular trends rising in the market in the men’s fashion category. With the classic jeans to edgy shoes, men can never get enough of these five top picks during this quarter. Check them down below.

1.    Regular Fit Jeans

London m str S18 072.jpg

Jeans are the typical bottom that men love to wear on their casual days due to its simple swag touch and easily to be matched with just about anything. Regular fit jeans are the must-have piece for any men and it is impossible if no man owns them in their closet. Match it with shirts or t-shirts and this look will never go out of style. Ever.


2.    Training Shoes

London m str S18 121.jpg

Whether you work out or not, believe us, that training shoes are one of the top footwear that are seen on men. Matching it with their shorts or jeans, men pull off the training shoes to not just the gym, but also on their casual day out or even running errands. Comfortable and stylish is what we call it.


3.    Chino pants

Pitti m str S17 194.jpg

Chino pants are also seen to become one of the top choices of men during the second quarter. The chino with contrast twill tape detail is trendy and gives a modern touch to your overall look.


3.    Black Stretch Skinny Jeans

New York m str S18 042.jpg

Black stretch skinny jeans are a must-have for any men to own as it is versatile to be paired with just about anything. It also makes your legs look slimmer and gives you a tall lean appearance. Wear it on a date or even a day out with the dudes looking stylish effortlessly with these jeans on.


5.    Nike Air Max Tavas Shoes

London m str S18 130.jpg

NIKE is a brand that a lot of men adore due to its wide range of stylish shoes every season. This second quarter, Nike Air Max Tavas Shoes are seen to become a hit among the men. So if you do not own one yet, better add it into your fashion wishlist immediately.


So what is your best picks from the list above? Share it in the comment section below.