The Top Picks from Women’s Fashion

It is the middle of the year and trend changes up fast in the fashion industry. Sometimes we find it hard to keep up ourselves. So if you want to know some of the top picks in the women’s fashion department, you came to right place. Here we are giving you updates on the favourite fashion items that are seen flaunted by a lot of the ladies this year.  Check the list below for some insights.

1.    Cross Strap Ballerinas


Paris str S17 550.jpg

The cross strap ballerina shoes are the top favourite footwear seen on women you pass in the streets or even at work. Due to its comfortable yet cute design, it can be easily matched with your jeans, dresses or shorts effortlessly. Perfect to show off a young feminine side everywhere you go.


2.    V-Neck Tie Fit And Flare Dress

London str S17 333.jpg

For a sexy look, women are seen donning the v-neck tie fit and flare dress. Choose from the various designs available from many brands out there to find the perfect one to suit your own personal style. You can never go wrong with this dress as it can be worn to any occasion.


3.    Lace Top and Skirt Set

Paris str S17 041a.jpg

The ladies who attempt for a more innocent look will definitely find that lace top and skirt set the top choice during this quarter. Attend parties or even go out on a date with this look and be confident. Enhance the outfit with the right shoes or earrings and you are ready to rock the whole ensemble!


4.    Pom Pom Crop Flare Sleeve Kurung


During this quarter, the pom pom crop flare sleeve kurung seems to be getting a popular demand due to its modern trendy design. The cuteness of the outfit definitely brings a youthful yet feminine aura for the ladies to flaunt especially during the whole Raya season.


5.    Satin Heels

Paris str S17 1111.jpg

Who can say no to heels especially the sleek satin ones? Satin heels give that sophisticate empowered look that women can show off with confidence in whatever they have on.


So which one of these top picks that have gotten your attention? Let us know in the comment section below.