Tips on How to Dress for Darker Skin Ladies

We live in a diverse country and have people of all skin tones. However, you might not realize this but the tanner and darker skin tone ladies sometimes feel overwhelmed in deciding what can work best on them. For this, colours definitely play a role. Whether you have a yellowish tone or a dark brown, play with these colours while putting an outfit together.

1.    Bold Red

Paris str S17 1283.jpg
Paris str S16 043b.jpg

For any tan or dark skin tone women, even the fair skin, the bold red is the perfect colour to pull off. Whether you are working red dresses, outerwears or tops, it can definitely enhance your whole appearance regardless of your skin tone. Work it with confidence as it will complement your skin nicely giving you the best stylish look. A universal colour it is! This is also the time you can work your classic red lips and feel that boost of confidence.


2.    Jewel Yellow

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London str S16 048.jpg

For the ladies who have a yellowish skin tone, this colour probably is not the best choice as it will just overshadow you. But if you have a darker skin tone, it will definitely enhance your whole persona. Not only that, you can wear your gold jewelleries with it too for a glamorous touch.


3.    Striking Purple

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If you want something that draws other’s attention towards you, striking colour purples fits you ladies well. You can also try a deeper purple colour like aubergine for a sophisticated touch. So sway from the light lavender and go for deeper purples shades of clothing as it can smooth your skin colour.


4.    Soothing Green

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Green is a great way to make your skin glow and perfect for every occasion. Choose any kind of green tones and you can work it nicely in anything you wear.


So what skin tone colour are you and how do you pull together your best look? Share your own tips down below.