Top 5 Bestseller for Men 2017

Every year trends changes fast and new fashion trends come into light. However, it cannot be denied that it can be difficult for us to identify what is working every season. If you have missed out what are the best-selling pieces this year for men, you can check out the list down below. Who knows, you might want to add them into your closet at home.

1.    Regular Fit Jeans

New York m str F17 031.jpg

The perfect jeans are hard to find but men love the regular fit jeans as their wardrobe staple this year. It can be easily matched with just about anything while giving you a comfortable feel all day long. Whether you are hanging out with your friends, running errands or going for a coffee date, it definitely will make you appear stylish effortlessly.


2.    Training Shoes

Pitti m str S17 296.jpg

It does not matter whether you work out or not, training shoes are a must-have for men as it can be worn with whatever they have on. Match it with jeans, shorts or eve your trousers and feel confident stepping out. There are plenty of training shoes design that you can show off depending on your personal style. Wear it on a daily basis or go workout at the gym looking amazing.


3.    Black Stretch Skinny Jeans

New York m str S18 042.jpg

Apart from regular fit jeans, men also prefer to work the black stretch skinny jeans with shirts and basic tees as their everyday ensemble. It gives that lean yet dashing handsome look without even trying.


4.    Cross Court Sneakers

New York m str S17 400.jpg

Men put importance on shoes as it can make or break an outfit. Another shoe that is seen becoming a huge hit this year are the cross court sneakers. It gives a more casual appeal and still maintains that edgy swag everywhere you go.


5.    Short Sleeve T-shirt


Paris m str S18 003.jpg

Every year the short sleeve t-shirt will always be men’s favourite as it is comfortable, simple yet stylish. It is versatile to be matched with jackets, jeans, blazers or even shorts and never look out of style.


So which one is your best piece of best-selling fashion? Feel free to share it in the comment section below.