Top 5 Colours for Men 2017

Nowadays, men are showing more interest in fashion and pulling off their best looks everywhere they go. Following current trends, one thing that remains in the heart of these fashionable men is looking stylish yet simple at the same time. This year, men are seen flaunting on simple colours in their day-to-day look. Let’s take a look at what are the trending colours for men this year.

1.    Navy

Paris m str S18 025.jpg

This is the one colour in the list which is not a basic or earth tone shade. Navy blue gives men that sophisticated yet smart looking appeal no matter if it’s a shirt or a basic tee. Not only that, this colour symbolizes maturity and ready to take charge. This is the perfect colour to show off at the workplace or even a dinner date to portray a masculine charming appearance effortlessly.


2.    Grey

Paris m str S18 130.jpg

The next colour down the line is the plain grey. You can go for dark grey or the lighter version. The simplicity of the colour makes it second top of the list for men this year. Simply mix match it with your old jeans or Bermuda shorts and never worry going wrong with it.


3.    Black

Paris m str S18 111.jpg

This colour will never fade away from the hearts of men. The classic black always makes them appear dashingly handsome and versatile to me matched with anything else they have on. One of the favourite black pieces is the simple black tee that men love wearing to work or even their day off.


4.    White

Paris m str S18 003.jpg

White also is another colour that will always be a must-have for men. It can also be easily matched with jackets and any coloured pants as well. It gives men that sleek yet clean modest look and can be pulled off any time of the day. For hot climate countries like Malaysia, white outfits are considered an important fashion staple.


5.    Brown

Paris m str S18 105.jpg

Who knew that men prefer an earth tone colour this year like brown. Due to its soothing tone, men love to switch their cliché black and white outfit towards a different look. The brown colour gives men a mature yet in control look.


So which of these colours you own in your wardrobe? Share it in the comment section below.