Top 5 Colours for Women 2017

Every year we often see the trend changing so fast and spot some very vital ones that stay in our hearts forever. Among the ones we would normally catch up on are the colours of outfits donned by people throughout the year. For 2017, there has been a slight change of colour which women are flaunting with style. From dresses, tops, bottoms to outerwear, these colours are a must-have for the ladies to show off every time they step out. See them down below.

1.    Red

Paris m str S18 054.jpg

Red is the favourite colour by the ladies especially during the fall/winter season. As we know, red always has the effect of uplifting our mood. It can turn a gloomy day into a positive one. Not only that, red definitely brings out a woman’s sexy alluring side to others.


2.    Pink

Copenhagen str S18 117.jpg

Aside from the sexy red, women also fell in love with the colour pink this year. Pink helps reveal a more feminine side of a woman with ease. It is the perfect colour to pull off for a date or even a day out with your girlfriends.


3.    Multi

London str S17 174.jpg

Who says we can only focus on a specific colour? This year, women love the multi-coloured outfit looks. It gives a fun quirky feel which helps in bringing a smile to anyone’s face. By wearing multi-coloured outfit, simply accessorize with plain coloured shoes or bag like black or white to complement the whole look.


4.    Green

Stockholm str S18 234.jpg

For the ladies who love a soothing touch, green outfits are becoming a favourite. It can be matched with simple accessories and you can never go wrong. This colour became a top choice during the spring/summer season due to its fresh zesty appeal.


5.    Orange

Copenhagen str S18 126.jpg

A red-based orange exudes that fun exciting feel and perfect for the ladies to feel confident in. It is the hot colour during spring this year. Women can flaunt orange dresses or blouses and go about their day looking on fleek from head-to-toe.


Which one is your favourite colour in your wardrobe this year? Feel free to share it in the comment section below.