Ways to Get a Guy to Ask You Out

Is your love life at a halt? Or you simply have a guy you are crushing on but no guts to ask him out? Or simply because you do not even know how to? No worries, we have all been there and sometimes we lose the guy to another girl due to us not making or giving out hints towards them. Yes, we would like a man we adore to ask us out but they also need to feel confident that you will be comfortable with it too. Well, it can relatable to a lot of women out there and here we are bringing you some ways you can get the guy you are interested in ask you out.

1.    Be your own self


No one likes deception so be your own self. If a man is extremely a gentleman on a first date, there is no doubt that would end once the both of you got serious. For the ladies, if you are not acting like yourself on the first date, a guy will totally be turned off and can see right through your act so let them fall for you being you. It is normal that we tweak ourselves a bit to impress others but there is a line between tweaking and being fake.


2.    Dress Like You Would


Of course you want to look the best to get the other person’s attention but make sure to not go overboard and make the other feel intimidated by you. Wear what makes you comfortable and still allow your natural beauty to come out. Whether you prefer dresses or jeans, the best look is to wear your smile with confidence and show your great personality. Do not think to wear something you think he will like it and back to point (1) be your own self.


3.    Enhance your physical features


Yes, make up is definitely a girl’s best friend at times like this. Enhance your physical features to bring out the natural beauty from the perfect coloured lipstick shade, the right amount of mascara and blush. Do not apply your makeup too thick as it will just make you appear like you are trying too hard on the first date.


4.    Eye contact


Always make eye contact to show that you are interested for him to approach you. It gives a hint to the men that you are open to have a conversation. Once the conversation starts, do not stop making eye contact on everything he goes on about. If you decide that he seems like a decent guy to go on a date with, charm him away.


5.    Flash that smile


Come on, any guy will fall for your smile as he will know that you are eyeing them from afar. It gives them the confidence to approach you and get to know you. If you are minding your own business, it will just appear like you are not interested. Body language matters.


6.    Be clear


If you want that guy to ask you out, during the conversation send crystal clear signals that you are interested. Although do not go to the point of declaring your fascination or love for him. Simply tease, flirt or touch him a bit to make him adore you back. It works wonders.



So what are your smooth tactics to get a guy ask you out? Share it with us so that other woman can learn a thing or two.