Why You Should Reconnect with Old Friends


Are you excited about the prospect of attending your school reunion and meeting old friends? Has it got you thinking of that friend you'd most like to meet or those you want to avoid? Whatever the reason is for going to the get-together event,  know that it's always good to reconnect and continue from where you left off.  If you're not convinced, here are a few reasons why we think you should go.

1. A Time to Catch Up


As obvious as this sounds, this is really the chance for you to meet after all those years in a setting created solely for that purpose. There will always be that one person you know who goes all the way to organize such an event so why not support the good cause. You might not have taken any initiative to hang out before so this is an opportunity not to be missed and should be used to catch up with old friends. After all, it's good to talk.


2. Networking


Through experience, most reunions are organized after several decades of leaving school which means that most of you are already professionals and may even be somebody important by the time you've crossed paths again. Thus, the meeting of great minds should not be put to waste and instead used as a form of networking. You never know what line your classmates may be in right now from a successful producer to the owner of a franchised clothing line but it could possibly be a chance to do a joint venture or simply get some free professional advice.


3. Reminisce and Reflect

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Most of you would have evolved and transformed from possibly ugly ducklings to beautiful swans or even just expanded horizontally and chances are you might not even recognize anyone there. But that shouldn't stop you from going down memory lane and exchanging old stories of your younger years. Believe me, you'll find that some personalities have never really changed and some stories never forgotten. Talking about old times can actually remind you of humbler and simpler times, bring you back to your roots and even make you reflect on who you are now.


4. Bury the hatchet

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So you had a fall out with each other decades ago and never got the chance to reconcile. What better way to forgive and forget, put aside your ego and make amends by going to the reunion and facing your demons. Life is short and one should not let old wounds fester inside and eat you up. You never know afterwards you might end up being new besties or simply just get the chance to renew a friendship and strengthen ties. Some friends are actually worth keeping.

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You could come up with many excuses not to go to these events and for whatever reason that is we hope that you can get pass the fear and just be present for old times sake.

Do you think there are other reasons to attend a reunion? Or maybe reasons of why you shouldn't? Do share with us down below.