5 Essentials for Your Outfit of the Day (OOTD)


It cannot be denied that most of us want to look good on camera for the Instagram obviously but do you really know what is the ESSENTIAL for your professional looking OOTD? If you want to attempt what social influencers post look like, here’s a list of the important bits that you need in order to make your OOTD post look stunning. Take a look below. Who knows you might find it come in handy to make your Instagram feed appear amazing.


1.    Shades



Some of you don’t really wear shades much when you are out but girl, you will need that for that OOTD shot. Why? Sunglasses make you feel more confident and comfortable when you pose for your picture. Not only that, you don’t care if people look at you in a weird way and people wouldn’t know if you are looking at them too. So… that’s the point!


2.    Jewellery



There are few guides on the internet on what type of jewellery you should wear on your body but here’s the tips on how much jewellery you should wear;

Ladies: at least two piece of jewellery on you

Guys: a watch would be enough for you to look stunning!

Why jewelleries are important? It will make your outfit looking more attractive rather than just your plain clothes. However, if you are wearing bright colours, you can match with dark colors jewellery (specifically black, grey, brown).


3.    Bag



Yeah, everyone knows this should be the real deal but do you know that choosing a perfect bag will affect your OOTD too? Bag is the most important object for your whole shot. From clutches to backpacks, it definitely adds that special element in your whole appearance.


4.    Camera



Camera might be the last thing we take into mind but a great camera will give you a great image (with great skill of course!) Well, camera is unnecessary but to have a professional looking OOTD, you must have a DSLR camera or even a digital one (and a skilled photographer to snap your photos)





5.    OOTD walls




OOTD walls Is the special part of it all to make or break your OOTD shot.  Sometimes when you wear a bright coloured clothing, you might want a plain wall as your background and vice versa. OOTD wall really gives big impact on your OOTD!

Here are some recommendations:

1.    Café

2.    Old buildings

3.    Grid walls

4.    Houses’ doors

5.    Gravity walls


What other tips that you can share with us in your OOTD picture perfect shots? Feel free to drop it in the comment box below.