Easy Steps on How to Start Using Less Plastic


We are generating piles and piles of waste every single day.  One of the biggest contributors to these piles is plastic. Therefore, it is wise to train ourselves to live with less plastic. To adapt and gradually implement this concept in our lives is not that hard.  You just need to have a bit of awareness plus some initiatives to start making changes. Here are some steps that can be done that will drastically reduce your plastic footprint on the environment.

1. Learn to say NO to plastic bags


Many of us tend to use plastic bags for a single use only. Then, they will be thrown away, significantly adding more waste to the landfill. Most plastic bags are not recycled or biodegradable.  Hence, they will take hundreds of years to break down.  So, learn to say NO to plastic bags. Don’t make it a habit to just nod and agree to pay 20 cents for a plastic bag every time you shop. In other words, refuse plastic bag especially when you only purchase a couple of things that could be easily carried by hand or stuffed into your handbag.


2. Bring your own shopping bag


Yes, always bring your own shopping bag with you. There are all kinds of reusable bags available out there. You can buy a cloth bag or the one that is made of jute (or just pick anything that works for you).  Alternatively, you can also reuse paper bags that you got from your previous shopping haul. Carry it with you so that each time you make a purchase, you don’t need a plastic bag. You already have a bag (or bags) to carry the things you bought.


3. Avoid buying bottled water


Though you need to stay hydrated all day long, avoid buying mineral water or bottled water. Most of these bottles will be discarded without being given proper consideration to be recycled. Just imagine, how many plastic bottles are being used and thrown away every day?  
Get yourself a reusable water bottle or tumbler. Bring your own water from home so you don’t need to buy bottled water when you are outside. You can save some money too.


4. Be more meticulous with food storage


When you are storing food or handling leftovers, don’t simply resort to plastic bags. Opt for reusable non-plastic containers to store your lunches and dinners, to freeze your pre-pack meals and even for travelling. Use tiffin box, stainless steel containers, glass containers, mason jars and other containers as long as it is not plastic.

If you wish to take away food from your favourite restaurant, bring your own reusable food container to avoid the usage of take-out boxes. 

Say no to plastic cutlery like knife, fork and spoon. If possible, have your own set of stainless steel or non-plastic cutlery with you (keep it in your bag, in your car or in your office) so that you could minimize the usage of these plastic culprits.

Remember, our actions be it small or big could help with the environment. Start to be more conscientious and try to live with less plastic. If one less person uses one less plastic, it will make our world a better, cleaner and safer place. Do you have any more ideas to add to this? Feel free to share it below.