How to Beat The Monday Blues

People usually feel unmotivated and less driven every Monday and this is what we call the Monday Blues. Feeling anxious, sluggish and tense when you know your holiday is over and you are heading back to your working life are definitely the sign of having the blues. Blues can affect your performance, productivity and creativity at work. So, here are a few tips on how to beat the blues.

1. Identify the problems and preparing for the Mondays

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Are you feeling unhappy at work? Find the reasons why you are feeling that way and try to fix it. If you hate your work, the only solution is to find a new job. Settle dreadful and unpleasant task on Fridays, get them done so that you will feel less pressure on Mondays. Spring clean your workplace so that when you come to work on Monday, you won’t feel stressful with the piling stack of papers and messy working space.


2. Spend the weekends!


Avoid checking your work emails and messages if you are actually not going to respond until Monday. Spend your weekends with something fun, do not waste your holidays!


3. Sleep early, Wake up early


Get enough sleep and wake up early in the morning so that you won’t feel lazy and tense every Monday morning. Take some “me time” getting ready for work, and don’t forget to take your breakfast!


4. Dress Your Best


Get dressed with your favorite outfit such as the bodycon dress or tailored blazer that could boost up your confidence and cheer you up to face your Monday Blues. Dressing the best at work will bring out positive in you everywhere you go.


5. Keep your schedule light and clear


Do not fill your Monday schedule with heavy tasks as it is not a good start for your week. Instead of handling complicated task on the first day of the week, try to do some routine stuff and organize your priority.


6. Watch funny videos for a five minute break

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When you start to feel the blues, take a five minute break and enjoy funny videos from the Youtube or whatever website you love. This may help you reduce your blues at work. Sometimes you just need to put aside your tasks for awhile and get your energy back on. 


7. Make dinner plans with friends after work


Planning some fun activities or dinner plans after work with someone you or your friends could help you cope with your Monday Blues. Go out and spend the night with your friends or you can also head to the gym for a workout session. Have fun and enjoy your life!


While some other people consider Monday as the worst day of the week, why don’t you change the perception into a good one? Hope these tips help you to face your Monday Blues with grace. Mind to share your very own tips? Leave some comments down below ❤