Men Trend Forecast for 2018

You might not have noticed this but the Hawaiian vibe revival is getting the attention among men. This is surely a trend which we will probably be seeing a lot of soon. However, giving that modern twist of Hawaiian style, the inspiration is leaning forward the cool gangster style we often watch in films.

New York m str S18 030.jpg

For the men who are looking to pull off that edgy casual swag appearance, the Hawaiian shirts will be the perfect choice. You can unbutton the shirt on top for that sexy aura or go for a more stylish touch by pairing it with Bermuda shorts. This look will be great for men to pull on a casual day out, run errands or hanging out at the pub with friends. It definitely shows off that relaxed cool vibe and still makes any men appear fashionable effortlessly.

New York m str S18 078.jpg

Choose the prints and colours which represent your personality. Play around with the colours and have fun pulling together your best outfit. Many designers are implementing this trend in their coming collection and you should not be the one missing the chance to get your fashion groove on.

New York m str S18 128.jpg
New York m str S18 187.jpg

Accessorize the Hawaiian print shirts or outerwear with a pair of stylish sunglasses or hat and walk out the streets with confidence. Be creative in flaunting the best look wearing the Hawaiian flavoured outfit.


So will you be one who is keen to don this trend in the upcoming year? What other trends do you expect to emerge? Feel free to share it in the comment section below.