Stylish Pregnant Mother Alert Emma Shazleen Ali

It’s all about being pregnant and remaining stylish. If you are on Instagram, chances are you might have seen her pictures appear on the featured page on the explore section.  Emma Shazleen Ali, a stylish young mother of two and currently pregnant with her third baby.  With two boys already on tow, she sure has a lot to juggle on her plate considering multiple roles she has to play as a daughter,  wife and businesswoman.  Emma is stylish, modern and well dressed for any occasions regardless whether she is pregnant or not.  She is an epitome of a millennial mother.

Having a massive of 184K followers on Instagram, her feed mainly consists of her kids, OOTDs, events, fashion related items and others.  We have selected 5 of her best pregnant looks for us to steal.  Emma got us covered from going for a day out, what to wear during festive season, looking sporty but casual to attending the fashion show.  Now, who else wants to look good while pregnant? Lets scroll down together. 

1. Over-sized jumper with sandals for day out

Keeping it simple on accessories with drop earrings, plain band watch and handbag, Emma is spotted wearing a mustard color oversized jumper.  The bold color selection is the highlight of the whole ensemble. Even wearing sandals she is rocking the pregnant chic look.  This style is suitable for a day out with family or friends.  


2. Athleisure look 

Going all black to create a sporty casual look with a pair of sneakers, a pair of track pants and a knitted off shoulder top.   The off shoulder top is what makes the overall outfit to appear less sporty but more casual.  This is a perfect look if you are taking a stroll in the park with the boys or if you needed to run some errands.  What we like is she teases us with red bold lips.  No eye make up should not be an issue when you have sunglasses to cover but red lips can elevate your look making you stand out in your sporty casual wear.


3. All black & statement pieces

In drawing attention to her attire, Emma does it right by donning a plain black shirt and legging.  When looking at this picture, our eyes quickly darted to other details of her outfit which are the jacket and hat which leads us to a next question, where did she got the jacket from?  Minimal effort but we are loving it.  You can try this look when going out to meet friends.  

4. Wearing traditional wears during festive season

When it comes to traditional wears, sadly there are not many pregnant friendly attire available on the market to be worn during festive season.  Taking comfort into considerations most people will opt for abaya or a long maxi dress.  But in this case, not Emma.  She is seen donning a modern kebaya during her pregnancy.  Just tie the ribbon slightly above the waist and you are good to go.  

Another pick that we think is great to be worn especially when you are reaching your third trimester in your pregnancy is by wearing a flare top.  Flare top works great when you need to hide your bump, to have room for comfort and it does not stick to the body.  It also makes you look decent.  With the right accessories, hairdo and make up you can take away the pregnant fashionista award.  


5.  Fasionista attending a fashion show

While not all of us have the opportunity to attend fashion shows, what more during our pregnancy it doesn't mean that we can't copy her look.  Emma is seen wearing the thigh high boots while attending the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2017 (KLFW17) recently.  Seriously, who looks this good while pregnant?.  

You can take the inspiration by wearing something similar but less dramatic like the kimono top with a pair of leggings.  They do look good together and suitable for daily wear.

Being pregnant should not limit you to do whatever you want to do or wear.  If you are fashionista before, be a fashionista while pregnant too.  Now ditch your long robe, oversized t-shirts (we know, we love it too), maxi dresses and other outdated maternity dress and get dressed like Emma. 

We could have posted more pictures but we would love you to check out her profile and let us know which look that you like the most in the comment section below.