The Best Break-up Songs

Did you know that the best love songs out there are the sad ones? You don't necessarily have to be in a bad relationship to enjoy these kind of songs. It is written so well that there's just something about listening to heartbreaking ballads that can make you oddly happy. Wanna try listening to some? Here's a tribute to the most powerful sad songs (not in any order) that we think could make your day. Our selection comes mostly from R&B ballads from the 80s and 90s so some of you may be discovering the songs and even the fashion for the first time if you care to watch the music videos on You Tube.

1. On Bended Knee (Boyz II Men - 1994)


These guys can belt out love songs with all their heart and with such sincerity so it's no surprise that this song makes the list as one of the most memorable break-up (and make up) songs that you'll enjoy singing to especially when you come to the bridge (sing your lungs out here). The song has not aged at all even after two decades. Another evergreen song of theirs worth crying to is End Of The Road (1991) - a classic sad love song you'll definitely enjoy.


2. Unbreak MyHeart (Toni Braxton -1996)

broken heart.jpeg

The title says it all. And it's not just that, this woman is one of those amazing singers who just sings so passionately and tugs at your heart strings every time she delivers her songs. Another one of hers that you should listen to is How Could An Angel Break My Heart. What can I say, it's just so heart breakingly beautiful.


3. Have You Ever (Brandy- 1998)

woman heart.jpg

This is a song of unrequited love which also joins the list of amazing vocals, lyrics and tunes. Personally love the lyrics to this song and anyone who has been jilted or is just madly in love can relate to what she's saying.


4. Lately (Jodeci - 1993)

sad girl.jpeg

Another personal favourite is this beautiful song made popular by Stevie Wonder in 1980 but later covered by two brothers K-Ci and Jojo with their band Jodeci who took the song to a whole new level with their strong vocals and more dramatic arrangement. It tells a tale of the beginning of distrust between two people and whether you've experienced something like this or not you'll definitely enjoy the song. Try listening to the unplugged version for more impact.


5. Separate Lives (Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin - 1985)

couples apart.jpeg

This is a real oldie written when this writer had not even finished primary school yet. But see what it means to be an evergreen song? Classic, deep lyrics and real singing. Perfect on a rainy day and when you're feeling mellow.


6. One Last Cry (Brian McKnight - 1992)


This had to be one of the most famous break up songs during that era.  It just had to be played if you were going to cry your heart out over that boy who left you. Brian of course was crying over a girl but that didn't matter. It was the official anthem for the broken-hearted so enough said.


7. Love Takes Times (Mariah Carey - 1990)

i love u.jpeg

Now this lady was the bomb during her heyday and her love songs are still being played on the airwaves. Personally loved her earliest albums for she sang with such intensity and passion it sounded effortless. This is just one of her many sad ballads that can accompany a break up together with I don't wanna cry, Just to hold you once again, Can't Let You Go and even Miss you most (at Christmas time). Clearly her song writers made the best break up songs.


8. Didn't We Almost Have It All (Whitney Houston - 1987)

couple happy.jpeg

At par with Mariah or maybe even better, this woman made all songs worth listening to. An exceptional singer with over the top vocals and adored by everyone. This song is just one of the many ones about heartbreak and loss like Where Do Broken Hearts Go and Why Does It Hurt So Bad (1995). But it's worth mentioning that her great hits were also those of love.


9. How Am I Supposed To Live Without You (Michael Bolton - 1989)

love me.jpeg

The title is already sad enough to make you want to listen to it when someone leaves you. Powerful vocals and again full of emotion, this guy made it real.


10. I Can't Make You Love Me (George Michael - 1997)

love couple.jpeg

This is another song cover done nicely and originally sung by Bonnie Raitt in 1991. But I think George did it better and pulled it off with such affect it breaks your heart just to listen to the song. With a title like that it's just perfect to accompany a session of tears and maybe lots of ice cream for comfort.


11. Love Will Lead You Back (Taylor Dayne - 1989)

love sunset.jpeg

Why don't they make good sad songs like this anymore? The kind you can sing and scream out loud to. Another choice for your break-up playlist.


12. Can You Stop The Rain (Peabo Bryson - 1991)


This song won a grammy award! Need I say more? Definitely a man with great vocals and a song that captures the essence of loss, pain and longing all rolled into one. Beautiful.


So were people in the 80s and 90s just a bunch of sappy emo human beings? I think not because it just shows that people back then went through heartbreaks and loss the same as people today which is why current sad songs are equally in abundance. 

So dry your tears and start living a brand new day! Or better, why not share your selection of sad songs with us down below. We'd love to hear your choice. It could help someone overcome a sad period in their life or simply give them some listening pleasure.