The Perks of Being Single

Most dramas and songs we know these days revolve around love. Whether they are tales of triumph or tragedy, the general audience just love it and can't get enough of it. The gist tells us that love conquers all and the ultimate goal in life is to find love and be in love. But to the young ones (read: those still in school), don't be swayed. Sure, all the romance and dreamy images you see on screen or read through the pages of a book can tempt you but it's not all there is to it. On the other end, being single has it's perks too and making the choice to wait a while and cherish singledom could be what's best for you. So here's why we think so.

1. Get to know you first


Being single surely is a time to savour because not only do you get to spend more time with yourself, you'll also end up discovering things about you, your passions and hopefully loving yourself first before you end up loving another. Believe me, knowing yourself is a never ending process so take your time and indulge in what you love. Shop for new clothes or give yourself a nice manicure for your nails and enjoy being single. 


2. Climb that mountain


Carpedium! Seize the day. Pursue hobbies, do what you love the most and go all out. Just do it. Be bold and challenge yourself to accomplish something. A sense of achievement can do wonders to one's self esteem. When you're young there are so many avenues to explore such as doing community work or dabbling in some creative endeavours so grab that opportunity. This way you know you're doing it on your own account and not because of someone else.


3. Be a better you


Since being young is about new discoveries and having that single status, why not take the opportunity to be the best version of you. Gain confidence and maturity so that later it could help you make better decisions when it comes to matters of the heart. Trust me you'll need plenty of self-belief and faith in yourself to take big steps for your future. When you find the worth within you then you can find someone who is worthy of you.


4. Time for family and friends


It is probably a hard truth that sometimes when you're no longer single, the time for the people who matter most in your life decreases. So while you're still unattached, time for family and friends must be cherished. These are the people who will most likely stick with you till the end so why not show them some extra love and attention.


5. Know that timing is important


The romantic side of us knows that when it happens it has to be special so do not fret. When the time is right love will come naturally thus don't go accepting any Tom, Dick or Harry just because you are lonely. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend shouldn't be a trend. Learn to say no and don't settle for less. Just enjoy being single and available till the day comes for you to be swept off your feet.


You're only young once so why not fill it up with good wholesome moments, right? Do you have any other advice for our young ones on what they won't be missing when they're single? We'd love to hear from you so do share with us below. Also, celebrate Single's Day by having a 11.11 shopping spree at ZALORA.