The Style Gospel, Olivia Palermo Amazing Fashion Looks

Olivia Palermo, the American socialite and model is well-known around town for her amazing sense in fashion. The model socialite never goes wrong in her outfit at red carpet events, a casual day out or even at the gym. Women who adore her style could get inspirations from her look by flipping through the magazines or searching through the website for her various fashion looks.

It does not matter where she steps her foot in; Olivia is always looking on fleek from head-to-toe. From red carpet events, fashion shows to a day about town, this lady definitely knows what to wear while never appearing like a fashion victim.

London str S17 079a.jpg

When she wants to put focus on her outfit, she will go down on the accessories and tie her hair up in a bun. If she wants to lower down the bulkiness of a sweater, she lets her hair down and rocking a pair of high heels in order to give her a taller build putting balance to her overall outfit.

The best person who knows well around her sunglasses and known for being ‘The Queen of Accessories’ sure knows how to mix match her sunglasses with outfits and her face shape. You can see her owning the cat-eye shaped sunglasses as she is always spotted in town wearing various styles of cat-eye sunglasses. This lady sure knows how to work her small face shaped and compliment her face features with the stylish cat-eye shaped eyewear. She matches it perfectly with every hair colour and outfit possible anywhere she goes. Steal her look by playing with accessories from sunglasses to jewelleries as this is how Olivia adds some extra spice to her looks.

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Another style which Olivia Palermo loves is the classic over-sized sunglasses. The supermodel matches it with outfits that are lady like and sophisticated for an elegant appearance. Olivia pulls her hair into an up do in order to avoid her oversized eyewear to overshadow her small faced frame. With her pulled back hair, she highlights her face and sealing her neck with a nice scarf.

Paris str S17 687.jpg

Leave it to Olivia Palermo to look stylishly to any occasion or settings in the most effortlessly way possible. It does not matter what she throws on, this fashionista knows her way around her wardrobe picks. She definitely knows how to pull style together with convenience, weather and comfort into the mix.

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Married to model, Johannes Huebl, this man is also on top of his fashion game alongside his lovely wife, Olivia. This power couple is scoring points in their outfits together making them one of the #couplegoals everyone us want in our life.

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If you are a fan of Olivia’s style, you can simply recreate her looks by picking out an outfit resembling her look. Who else do you think has amazing fashion sense? Let us know in the comment section below.