The Top 5 Places in Asia to Visit At Least Once in Your Life

It cannot be denied that a majority of us love travelling and we do have some places in our travel bucket wish list that we would want to visit. Whether you are having a hectic lifestyle or lack on the financial side, no worries as you could travel to the nearby places in Asia to fulfil your travel dreams. Keep some money aside every month and target to reach some dream destinations once a year. If you are new to the travel scene, here are top five must-visit places that you should at least step your foot at least once in your life.

 1.    Hong Kong, Disneyland


Okay, admit this as it does not matter if you are a kid or an adult, Disneyland is by far one of the best places to release all those stress away. For Malaysians, this is definitely the closest destination of Disneyland you could go to. Disneyland Hong Kong definitely makes you feel as if your life is a fairytale. Be like a child again and enjoy the sweet memories.


2.    Bali, Indonesia


 For those who love the blue sea, the ocean breeze, soft sands in their feet and a happening night life, Bali Indonesia is where you have to be. Not only that, the price of luxury accommodation there is quite affordable for Malaysians to stay. Feel like a celebrity experiencing the relaxing beached life in a dazzling resort that you could actually afford. Do research on the best cafes to eat and spend your day tanning by the beach.


3.    Phewa Lake, Nepal


Besides that, for those who love the chill weather and serene of the forest, Phewa Lake in Nepal will be the perfect choice to make your mark. This is one place which people hardly know its existence and you will definitely feel like you are overseas while absorbing the wonderful landscape.


4.    Kundasang, Sabah


If you have limited budget to travel to New Zealand, here is a place that you can feel the same scene. From the chilly weather, cows, white picket fences, high mountains and green landscape, you will definitely feel that countryside mood from the trip.


One of the thing that is popular while you visit Kundasang, Sabah is to not miss the chance in tasting its delicious ice cream yogurt. Of course do not miss the chance to snap some pictures on the beautiful scenery.  


5.    Taj Mahal, India


Taj Mahal has become one of the buildings that have been getting attention for years due to its romantic back end story. It is also the pride of the Muslim community there as well.


Built in 1632 and finished the construction of the Mosque in 1648, it was to commemorate the Emperor’s wife. Surrounding the mosque is a beautiful garden symbolizing paradise or the heaven on earth.


Are you already making plans to head to one of these places with your family, friends or travel partners? If you are, make your travel plans and earn AirAsia Big points for your trips. So what other places do you find interesting to step your foot in? Share it with us in the comment section below.