Things We Need to Stop Saying to Single People

Every single people out there could probably relate to this topic as we often get tired of getting asked the same questions over and over again by various people especially during the holidays when you have to face your family and relatives. It is the most dreadful part of being tormented with statements and questions that even you wonder your own self. So here we are bringing you some of the annoying things that are mentioned to single people which bug them big time.

1.     Why are you single?

Even the single people do not know how to answer that question as sometimes things do not work out. You may be dating for some time and turn out falling out of it the next day. It does not mean that they did not try to date or meet new people. Finding the true one is difficult and receiving that question repeatedly doesn’t help with their self-confidence. It just makes them feel that there is something wrong with them.


2.     Have you tried online dating?


Well, have you? Some people don’t feel like trying the online dating game because they fear for their safety while others do not find themselves desperate to be with someone to that extent. There are many other places to meet new people instead of resorting immediately to the online dating sites (not that there is anything wrong with them). However, if we choose to try online dating and put the effort to doll up wearing the most stylish dress ever, please do not condemn us if the date did not work out at the end.


3.     Stop being picky


Okay, so you want to just accept anyone who offers up a ring or a willingness to date you right off the bat? It is not about being picky and ticking every point on the checklist. It is about finding the right person who is compatible with you from all important aspects.


4.     Do you want me to set you up?


Thanks for asking but until we ask you that favour, please leave us singles alone. If we feel we want to meet someone new in your circle, we will ask you for that introduction but unless we do, just let us be.


5.     Your time will come


Of course this is the most cliché response people say to single people. And the singles do know that it is the polite way to make us feel a bit better about ourselves. But honestly, sometimes we just want to take our time in finding our soulmate (if we have one) but thank you for the words of encouragement.


So are you single and tired of hearing the same questions? What other statements do you find annoying being asked to you? Feel free to share your experiences with us in the comment section below.  Not only that, you can also celebrate the Single’s Day with ZALORA!