Top 5 Comfort Food to Eat During Rainy Days - Malaysian Style

Completing your work while scrolling down Twitter when suddenly you feel cold and look out the window. The rain is pouring down heavily and you just feel in the mood of munching on some comfort food. A moment of heavy rain, even when it stops, we could still feel the cold chill sipping in. In this cold weather, the tummy definitely calls for some nice comfort food.


Please get me some food! I'm hungry!!

In our mind, we have an assortment of food to choose from. Making choices in a cool atmosphere, it is very difficult. Most importantly, it should be hot and fast to be prepared. 

It's good to have some hot coffee now … or a cup of tea~ But if there's a cracker to be dipped into coffee, that would taste really really good! Oh my God, Pisang Goreng with the hot sauce too!

So let's introduce our Malaysian style of comfort food on those rainy days, especially as it seems to be raining frequently nowadays.

1.  Hot drinks


Malaysian's all time favorite drink! A soothing cup of tea can help you relax after a stressful day. Pour water over the plate and sipping from the plate is a challenge. Keep recalled a childhood in which we are being careful not to spill water. Oh, drink it while still hot. It can be hot coffee, tea or milo.


2. Biscuits / Cracker


Dipping biscuit with hot water is one thing, but it is an easy snack. Unexpectedly, we can eat more than ten biscuits for a cup of coffee. Enjoy it happily.


3. Curry Puff


The traditional method has dough kneading power as a prerequisite. The crispy skin is the end result of serious kneading of flour with margarine and water, a resting time for the dough, and deep-frying to golden goodness. There are various ingredients you can put in the dough including potatoes, sweet potatoes, sardines, and vegetables.


4. Fried Banana / Fried Banana Balls


Take any kinds of banana that you like and fry it. Eat it together with spicy soy sauce is a must. Nowadays people make a new way for Fried Banana Balls which they put some cheese and mixed with flour and fried; eat with vanilla ice-cream as well. Very tasty! If you don't want to cook, you can always go out and search for the small booths selling it by the roadside.


5. Anchovy / Onion / Potato Fritters


Fry with hot oil and toss it. Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. Usually, it is eaten with various types of sauces. Someone will choose chili or tomato sauce; eating without any sauces is also delicious. Every bite is definitely going to make us want more. Apart from cooking, the other way we can get it in a simpler and faster way but using a bit of energy and money is to buy it in the warung , stall or any shop.


So cuddle up in your lazy casual clothing and enjoy that comfort food. what are your favorite comfort food during rainy days? Share it down below!