Ways to Celebrate Movember with Your Man

Okay, everyone knows that Movember is the month related to men’s healthy and the reason behind its name is the talisman of the moustache theme. Men support this month by keeping a moustache as their facial hair for the entire month and some of the ladies might not be so thrilled about it. However, if you love your man, there is nothing wrong to make him feel happy and join the fun. Whether your man already has a moustache or aiming to keep on just for the sake of the Movember occasion, there are a few ways you can make your man feel appreciated.

1.    Give him support


Support your man’s effort by giving him the best support of all even though you have moustache. Put up with it for a month and compliment him on his effort. Be positive and you can also make him giggle by wearing a fake moustache too! He will definitely fall in love with you more.


2.    Go shopping


Other than showing him your support, why not have fun and do some shopping. You will definitely realize that some malls will have Movember theme decorations. Go shop for moustache themed goodies such as socks, a tie or even a moustache printed shirt and give them to your man. You will absolutely get a BIG teddy bear hug from him! If you are smart, you could purchase Movember product where some proceeds will go to charity.


3.    Throw a party


If you want to have some fun, you could throw a moustache themed party and invite all of your close family and your man’s best friends (especially the ones with moustache). You could organize it as a small gathering and also open up a donation box where you could give the money collected from the attendees to charity. Killing two birds with one stone is what we call it.


So is your man celebrating this Movember month? Let us know in the comment section below.