Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Wife

Most of the husbands thinks that wife shall do the house chores. Be reminded that they’re your wife, not your maid. They don’t get paid for doing all that. Show your wife that you appreciate her, do not take her for granted. They may love being your wife, handling the chores around the house and taking care of the kids but deep down they also need to be reminded that they are valuable in the relationship. Here are some ways that you can show appreciation to your lovely wife. 

1. Plan a dinner date


Buy the foods she loves or bring her out for dinner at her favorite restaurant instead of cooking at home. This will make her mood really good without headache what to cook for the family for once. 


2. Keep her covered


To show that you care about her, don’t want her to get cold and without waking her up when you’re ready for work early in the morning. When she wakes up and find herself being nicely covered under the blanket, she will surely know that you still care for her well being. 


3. Send her messages

While you are at work or chilling with friends, send her a text message telling her how much you love her and appreciate her. Call her whenever you are free to check up on her. A simple message to ask how her day is a going definitely makes you one caring husband. 


4. Offer to help on house chores

The two of you stay in the house, not only her. The chores belongs to both of you. Do offer to help on the house chores instead of lying on bed or watch TV while letting her do the chores because you think a woman should do all these. This will show to her that you are not just a typical guy who expects her do take care of the household but she will respect you as her husband. Do not let her feel resentment towards you. 


5. Grocery shopping with her


Buying the groceries for the week together instead of letting her going alone. Help to carry all the heavy groceries. You might have not much stuff to buy but just to take the opportunity to have a walk with her at the store, spending time together.


6. Put aside all the gadgets just to spend some time together


Stop playing the phone or watch the television as you wait for your cooked meal. Get yourself up from the couch and prepare dinner together with her, walk the dog, or cuddle with her and let her tell you about her day. Remember, you are her best friend and partner for life. Be there for her.


7. Buy her gifts

You do not need to spend a lot to buy her a gift. Just a simple gift that she might use every day, likes clothes or shoes. She will remember it. Not the value, but the effort you put into the gift counts the most.


8. Bring her on a vacation

Bring her to some beautiful place for a short holiday trip over the weekend. A staycation also can let her mind to rest and away from all the chores. 

Some woman a very easy to please. You just show her that you appreciate her and she will do things for you willingly. 

Any better idea to show your love to your wife? Do share you tips in the comment box below.