5 Great Places to Meet the Man of Your Dreams

While some of us prefer the dating apps by swiping left and right, there are also some of us who prefers to meet new people in a more conventional way. Why? This is because it allows you to get to know someone in a personal level and can show off your greatest first impression by shining your personality. So here are some great places for you single ladies to meet the man of your dreams.

 1.     Bookstore


First and foremost, if you meet a man in the bookstore, you definitely know that he shares your love for books. He is someone who loves to know about things and has a creative mind. You can absolutely start a conversation about books as an ice breaker.


2.     Café


Whether you are hanging at the café for lunch with your friends looking stunning in your cute dress or simply having a brunch on the weekend alone, you will see plenty of men having their coffee there. So it is a great place to glance around the café and flash a smile towards a guy you find interested in. Chances are he will probably come over to your table if you are alone or if you are hanging with your group of friends, he will maybe slip his number to you. Either way, you can tell how he is as a person by watching how he behaves. For example, whether he is polite to the staff or what type of drinks he likes.


3.     Animal Shelter


Volunteer at an animal shelter during your free days from work or student life and you will probably realize some charming yet kind hearted guys doing their good deeds there. Remember, if you meet a guy who volunteers at an animal shelter, it cannot be denied that he is in touch with his sensitive side. If you are an animal lover, this man suits you well.


4.     Race


This cannot be denied but there are many testosterones at race events that you could scan through. Whether you are into fitness or not, there is nothing wrong to join in any marathon race to scout some eligible guys out there but do make sure that they are still single and available. Besides that, you know that the men there have a good habit of taking care of their healthy and staying fit which definitely is a plus point.


5.     Festivals


Another place especially for youngsters are to hang out at festivals, for example, music festivals or even the classic fun fairs, as you can never miss the chance of finding a few handsome looking men there. Plus, this is definitely a place to see whether they have a wild side or if they can chill in a casual setting feeling comfortable. Festivals are also a place to see their fun personality and to analyse if you could accept it.


So what are other places you could think of in meeting eligible single men? Feel free to share it in the comment section below.