6 Interesting Ideas for Your 2018 Resolutions


2017 is almost over. We have got a few days left before venturing into what 2018 has to offer. It is around this time of the year that many of us will begin to reflect and of course, (the most exciting part is) set resolutions for 2018.

When it comes to setting goals or resolutions, you have to be specific and realistic. For instance, eat healthier, clear from all debts, buy your first house, and learn a new language. Pick the right resolutions that could improve your life, career, financial or even your business. The most important part is you have to make sure that they are doable, achievable and executable.

Apart from setting your main goals, you should insert something fun, challenging and interesting as your target too. Here are some suggestions that might work for you:

1. Travel


It is said that it’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. So, for 2018, set a goal to go somewhere you have never been before. Give yourself some time to relax and to experience more joy in life. Learn and explore every place you discover, every new person you meet and understand their cultures. Traveling will grant you new insights plus ways of seeing the world from a better perspective.

2. Be fit and healthy


Aim to be a fit and healthier person compared to who you were in 2017. Eat healthier, consume fewer calories. Move more, log more steps, get into your sports clothing and include physical activities in your daily routine. You can try cycling, swimming or workout sessions in the gym. All these will not only improve your health but also will improve your quality of life.


3. Try to complete some fun challenges


Or if you are into photography, sharpen your skills by taking a photography challenge. You can also go for a money saving challenge. By the end of the year you have some cash kept aside to be used for other purposes like travel.As the year progresses, make sure that you are making the progress in completing the challenge too.

This is interesting. Inspire and motivate yourself to try to complete a challenge throughout the year. For example, if you are an avid reader, go for a book challenge and achieve your reading goals.


4. Get involve in charity


Get yourself to involve with charity – charitable projects, donations, runs, etc. Volunteer more if you have time. There are always people out there in need of help. Not necessarily money, you can aid to improve the community by spending your time and energy. One act of kindness goes a long way. You can warm the hearts of yours and those around you.


5. Take up something new
It’s time to say YES to something new. Think of a thing (or two) that you haven’t tried before. As the year passes by, you want to be a better person in every aspect possible. Take up a dance class, cooking class, go hiking or complete a marathon and make it your thing. Trust me, occupying yourself and time with a new activity is very satisfying.


6. Quit one bad habit


If you have a bad habit, this is the time to get rid of it. Smoking, nail biting, binge eating, or procrastinating – make a resolution to delete your bad idiosyncrasies and stick to good ones instead. Determine ways and solutions to overcome this problem. You might fail the first few attempts. Remember, breaking bad habits takes time and requires perseverance. After all, you’ve got all year to figure this out.


We have twelve fresh new chapters in 2018. Make sure we write each chapter beautifully, with colours and good memories. Keep track of your resolutions from time to time. Give yourself your best shot in achieving each goal.